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Quote1 No one knows what is wrong with you. I doubt you even know. But do you know what, Thanos? No one particularly cares, either. They are all happy to see you die in pain. Quote2
Warden Daak

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Terrax's warship
  • Champion's spaceship

Synopsis for 1st story

Thanos is held within a top secret Shi-Ar prison; the warden takens his helmet as a trophy and dismisses the Imperial Guard, saying they are no longer needed as Thanos is apparently near death.

Elsewhere, Starfox hails the ship of Terrax and boards. As he walks away with Terrax, Thane, Nebula, and Champion sneak out of the ship, aiming to break out one of Terrax’s prisoners. They don’t know, however, that Thane plans to betray them.

The Shi’Ar warden taunts the imprisoned and unconscious Thanos, even retracting the shield between him and Thanos to put his foot on his neck. Thanos, however, was only feigning unconsciousness. He rips off the warden’s arm and uses its hand print to open his cell. He walks directly through a powerful energy screen, kills two guards, retrieves his helmet, and calmly prepares to fight an entire squadron of defenders.

Starfox continues to chatter to Terrax, who soon grows impatient and demands to know why he is there. Finally Champion pummels through the vault of Terrax’s brig, Starfox admits he was only trying to distract Terrax and then blasts him. Champion and Nebula are astounded to discover, however, that the “prisoner” they were charged with abducting is actually an egg containing the Phoenix force.

Solicit Synopsis

• You can cage Thanos.

• You can lock Thanos away.

• But you won’t keep him long.

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