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Synopsis for "Duelality"

Deep within the Negative Zone, Annihilus orders Blastaar to recycle a full sized construct. He then checks in on Doctor Bultar who is currently attempting to synthesize any idiosyncratic properties within the Hulk. Meanwhile, within the mindscape, the Hulk and Bruce Banner are confronted by Thanos. The Mad Titan seeks to destroy their mind so he can thwart whatever plans Annihilus is about to take. Thanos is surprised to see that both parts of Banner's personality are unique. He suspects that all the years of transformations has created two separate souls within Banner's body. Even though the pair learn that Thanos is not working with Annihilus, they still refuse to tell the Mad Titan anything. As such, Thanos begins attacking them.

The battle causes increased cerebral activity in the Hulk that is picked up by Doctor Bultar and his assistants. Thanos demands that Banner talk, but the Hulk won't stand down, and fights back. Regardless, Thanos has the advantage and knocks the Hulk back. He then warns Banner to talk, as he has control over the situation, and warns them that this will be their demise. Still, the Hulk refuses to stand down and continues to try to fight Thanos. While back in the positive universe, Pip the Troll approaches the inert body of Thanos. Touching Thanos, Pip learns that they are in the Negative Zone and teleports himself there to try and rescue the Hulk. He arrives in a computer server room and begins looking for the captured brute. Inside Banner's mind, Bruce tells Thanos to stop torturing the Hulk, telling him that they have no idea what is going on. Thanos pauses, as he almost believes what is being said, but decides against trusting him and unleashes a powerful blast on the Hulk. By this point Bultar is aware of the alien presence in the Hulk's mind, and he orders his assistants to purge it. While elsewhere, Pip continues to search for the Hulk.

Back inside the Hulk's mind, the battle continues, as Banner helplessly watches from the sidelines. He realizes that Thanos is somehow rigging the battle to his advantage. Deducing that he and the Hulk are more powerful together, he calls the Hulk back and the two attack Thanos together. They turn the tide of the battle, much to the surprise of Thanos. Outside, the technicians locate the alien presence within the Hulk's mind. Annihilus orders them to be transmitted into the Banner's mind as well. As Thanos begins fighting back, his identity is discovered by Annihilus and his minions. The ruler of the Negative Zone is furious over the Mad Titan's interference and orders that he be transmitted into the Hulk's mind again. When Annihilus enters the mindscape he seemingly banishes Thanos back to his body. Thanos was aware that Pip the Troll was trying to manipulate him into acting, but has turned the manipulation around to serve his own ends. This was all a ploy for his own computers to hack into the Negative Zone's computers and learn all their strengths and weaknesses. His battle with the Hulk was immaterial, and he doesn't care about the gamma-spawned brute's fate.

While back in the Negative Zone, Annihilus learns that the synthesis is complete. Now with the secret of the Hulk's power having been unlocked, Annihilus intends to use it to make himself the most powerful being in the universe.

Solicit Synopsis

• Jim Starlin continues his epic tale of Smash versus Space!

• Can the Hulk withstand the devious machinations of Thanos?!

• Meanwhile, Annihilus plots to exploit Big, Green and Mean in a most unexpected fashion.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Annihilus used a mechanical construct to make himself look larger as he was seemingly slain in Annihilation #6 only to be reborn in a new body that, at the time of this story, has yet to grow to maturity.

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