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Appearing in "Transhulkrification"

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Synopsis for "Transhulkrification"

The Hulk has been captured by Annihilus so that the ruler of the Negative Zone can be enhanced by gamma radiation. Removing his armor, Annihilus prepares to receive the energy transfer. The tyrant hopes to use the gamma radiation to mature his still growing body and reach his full potential. As Annihilus screams in pain, Blastaar worries about the agony his master is enduring. Doctor Bultar assures Blastaar that this is necessary for their masters ascension. The power transfer is too much for the lab to handle and a fuse is blown. With emergency power restored, Blastaar and Bultar discover that the process has been a success as Annihilus has been increase in size. Seeing their master can no longer fit in his armor, Doctor Bultar assures him that a new suit will be created immediately.

While everyone is distracted, Pip the Troll uses the opportunity to remove the cerebral inhibitor from the Hulk's brow allowing him to wake up. Unsure where he is the Hulk breaks free of his bonds in anger. Inside his mind, Bruce Banner suddenly notices that he is alone and worries that whatever happens next it will not end well. Blastaar strikes the Hulk with a concussion blast that knocks him out of building. Blastaar then asks his master what he should do next. Deciding that the Hulk has outlived his usefulness, Annihilus gives him permission to destroy the gamma-spawned brute. With backup on the way, Blastaar engages the Hulk, staggering the brute with his force blasts. The Hulk withstands these attacks, he is then swarmed by an Annihilation Wave. However, despite their efforts to overwhelm the Hulk, the monster fights them off.

Back up in the lab, Annihilus is fitted with his new suit of armor and is impressed by the improvements added by Doctor Bultar. At that moment, the Hulk manages to overpower Blastaar and cause a building to collapse on his foe. Stunned from the collapse, Blastaar is unable to block a full powered blow from the Hulk that knocks him out. That's when the massive form of Annihilus arrives on the scene and vows to destroy the Hulk once and for all. However, the Hulk is unphased by this threat as he sees the ruler of the Negative Zone is just another bug for him to smash.

Solicit Synopsis

• Annihilus gains vast new might!

• The Hulk rampages through the Negative Zone!

• And the villainous and powerful Blastaar is in hot pursuit!

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