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Thanos (individually)
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Formerly Omega
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Formerly Nihilistic Sect, Moondragon (brainwashed by X)
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Originally clones of Thanos that were created to test the abilities of enemies or potential allies that later banded together to bring about oblivion
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Modified clones created by Thanos to determine the strength of possible foes or the reliability of possible allies. He used cloning, sorcery, and technology for these Thanosi.[1]

After tests involving Ka-Zar,[2] Thor,[3][4] and the Avengers[5] proved the clones a failure due to them exhibiting nihilistic and destructive behaviors, Thanos scheduled them for recycling; however, a secret player blasted a hole in the roof of one of his hideouts' subterranean section, and consequently activated five of the replicants:[1] Armour, Mystic, Omega, Warrior, and X.[6]

These Thanosi then banded together to bring about the end of the universe and believed that they could do this by capturing Adam Warlock so he could direct them to the cosmic being Atlez, the Anchor of Reality, and his successor Atleza. By killing Atlez and his successor, the universe would come to end (this was actually a scheme created by Atlez to aid Adam in finding his successor Atleza).

X impersonated Thanos using a telepathic illusion and directed Pip the Troll to kidnap Adam Warlock as he was recovering from insanity on an alien planet.

X required information from Warlock, who previously made contact with Atlez. Gamora located the real Thanos, and with the aid of Warlock, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Moondragon, killed four of the the Thanosi.

However, the final clone, Omega, had gone to Earth to kill Atlez's successor Atleza and destroy the Earth. Omega was prevented from doing so after being teleported with the heroes to a barren planet where they battled. Thanos transported the heroes back to Earth and had a fleet of alien mercenaries destroy the planet, killing Omega. This allowed Atleza to take Atlez's place as the Anchor of Reality and thus sparing the universe from destruction.[7]


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