Thaug was a demon. It had 3 pairs of feet/hands with three fingers per hand and sharp talons, two enormous eyes and a long tail with a talon at the end. The superior part of his body and head were covered by a black, long fur. His strength was far superior to Conan's. Thaug ate human beings. Thaug probably was summoned by Salome during her rites and hidden in a crypt under the Temple. He was fed by Salome with the people of Khauran. Thaug was recalled by Salome after she was mortally wounded by Marcios. With her last piece of life she attracted the monster out the temple. Conan attacked and wounded it with his sword. Thaug grabbed Conan in his talons but Conan succeeded in slashing one of Thaug's eyes and was released. Then, the Desert Wolves of Conan entered in the city and reached the Temple. Djebal and the other warriors hit the monster with tens of arrows, and Thaug died.[3]

Strength level

His skin, thick, gave him a minimum protection from blades and arrows.

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