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The-Wednesday-after-the-day-before aka A-week-ago-the-Tuesday-last (due to the nuances of translating its name from the Smellian language), was a Smarty-pants starship created by the alien species Smellians. At some point, the Smellians discovered that a warlike froglike alien species, the Snarfs, intended to invade the Earth, and sent The-Wednesday-after-the-day-before to warn the Earthlings. But the ship crashlanded near a beach. Fortunately it was found by the four young Bower siblings, Sammy, Tammy, Hammy and Katrina Bower. Initially Hammy believed the ship to be George Lucas' beach house and proposed to play a prank on Lucas by pretending to be collecting signatures in favor of Battlestar: Galactica. When they discovered that it was a starship, they throw rocks to its windows and graffitied its hull. However, they eventually stopped to listen the ship's boring tale until they fell aslept. The ship then offered to give then costumes and superpowers if they joined it in its efforts against the Snarfs. The children accepted and became, respectively, Gollygee Whiz, Lickitysplit, The Duke of Density and Assault 'n' Battery!, collectively known as the Bower Brats.[1]

But the Bower Brats stopped paying attention to the Snarf invasion when they discovered that someone had stolen all the chocolate cookies on Earth. The Bower Brats tricked the "Cookiee Crook" with a chocolate-generating bait who was holding a homing device that Katrina could track. As the trail led outside Earth, the Bower Brats boarded The-Wednesday-after-the-day-before, with Katrina leading the way, until they found the lair of Galactapus. The Bower Brats convinced Galactapus to eat the Snarfs and they returned to Earth.[1]

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