Quote1.png They won't shoot this way Ed. Then they'd miss the movie too! Charlie don't get no R+R. Quote2.png
-- Mike Albergo

Appearing in "'Nam: First Patrol"

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  • Bell UH-1 Iroquois "Huey"
  • M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

Synopsis for "'Nam: First Patrol"

In this issue we follow Ed Marks through his rude awakening of basic training. He then is posted to the 4/23 Mechanized Infantry (Tropic Lightning).

After a misunderstanding over a bribe with the Top Sgt. he is assigned to platoon of Sgt. Polkow and his band of misfits. There he befriends Mike Albergo prior to venturing out on his first patrol.

On his first patrol the guys get ambushed by the Việt Cộng in a local village. After the shooting dies down Ed vomits after seeing his first dead body.

As they walk back to base they accompany and armoured column which falls victim to a booby trap. They are then attacked by a sniper from a hidden bunker, which is part of a wider tunnel system. They clear them out with grenades and request helicopter transportation back to base. Ed finds this difficult as he has issues with flying.

On their return the guys go to watch a movie (Major Dundee) whilst the rest of the base comes under rocket attack. Ed panics but Mike reassures him that the VC will not hit the movie screen because they like to watch too.


  • A second printing exists.

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