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Quote1.png See that roller, that's supposed to set off any mines it rolls over before the tank hits them. We're insurance in case it doesn't. Quote2.png
Mike Albergo

Appearing in "Dust Off"

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  • M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey)
  • M48 Mine Roller tank

Synopsis for "Dust Off"

This issue begins with Sgt Polkow's men waiting to ambush a group of VC. During the ensuing firefight Spec. Kakas who is the section's medic, cowers whilst men are being injured. Sgt Polkow get's him on his feet and throw's him towards the injured men. Kakas is furious and plots revenge on the Sgt for nearly getting him killed.

After the firefight Kakas returns to base on a Medevac chopper smugly telling Polkow to drop by the orderly room to speak to the Top Sgt Tarver.

The guys then have to walk back to base. As soon as they reach the base Polkow heads for the orderly room to confront Top Sgt.Tarver about Kakas. Tarver informs Polkow that after their regulation rest they must go back into the field. Polkow is furious as they have been out in the field for three days already.

Kakas avoids going back in the field as he has wounded men to attend to.

The men go back into the field riding on M113's as part of an armored column. One of the APC's hits a booby trap, which is the signal for a VC ambush. A short firefight and couple of tank round later all is peaceful. The column finishes the patrol and returns to base.

Polkow still furious with Tarver tracks him down in the club but before he can get himself into trouble Lt Fenelli diffuses the situation by taking Polkow away for a drink. Polkow tells Tarver they will talk again sometime.

Meanwhile Ed goes to his bunk and goes to sleep exhausted by the last few days.

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