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-- Lonnie Crews

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Synopsis for "Three Days Pass"

In this issue Lonnie, Mike and Ed obtain a three day pass to Saigon for some well earned "RnR".

The trip starts off fairly uneventfully with Lonnie showing Ed around on his first visit to the capital of the Republic of Vietnam. Lonnie decides they should go see a Chinese movie. After settling down to watch the movie a Viet Cong (VC) bomber throws a satchel charge through the door blowing up the cinema causing many casualties.

To avoid spending the rest of the days answering questions to the Military Police (MP's) the guys head to the Saigon Soriee, a local hostess bar. Ed becomes entranced with one of the young hostesses but is a little naive about the whole situation and she convinces him to go to for a walk.

Unluckily for Ed he is knocked out and robbed by the hostess (and maybe an accomplice), he wakes up surrounded by Mike and Lonnie. They decide to end the night in the comfort of the Queen Anne Hotel.

The guys get settled down for the night and Ed begins to have bad dreams. The scene then cuts to a squad of VC detonating a bomb at the hotel. Mike and Ed are unhurt but is Ed is trapped in his room. Lonnie is hurt and trapped under the debris.

The guys are all rescued and taken to the hospital. Lonnie has broken ribs and because of his injuries is to be shipped back to the United States.

On their way out of the hospital Ed and Mike are followed by two reporters from Stars and Stripes Newspaper asking for comments on how they heroically saved Lonnie's life. The guys become angry with this and refuse to answer.

They head back to the base on a chopper and just after arriving back in their hooch a rocket attack begins.


Lonnie is promoted to Spec 5 in this issue.

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