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-- First Sgt "Top" Tarver

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Synopsis for "Six O'Clock News"

In this issue the Ed is selected to go on a mission (Paul Revere/Than Phong 14) that will be filmed for the six o'clock news by correspondent Dennis Lawrence. Sgt. Polkow has to stay at the base and Top takes Rob Little with him on the mission.

The mission encounters heavy resistance from the beginning and Ed and Rob's helicopter is shot down. Rob advises them to move out quickly as Top will call in an air strike on the village.

Meanwhile the rest of the troops are under heavy fire and Top calls in the air strike predicted by Rob. He then orders a withdrawal and leaves Ed and the other survivors stranded. Mike is furious with Top for leaving the guys but he promises to come back for them.

Next morning Ed and Rob decide to walk to First Cav base at Can Khe. On the way the soldiers are ambushed by VC and Ed heroically takes out the machine gun nest.

Thankfully Rob is only injured and begins to tell Ed about when he was line troop and his life was saved by Top.

The guys make it to the base at Can Khe.

During the debrief back at base Rob loses his temper at Top when he reprimands Rob and Ed for not sitting tight near the downed aircraft and tells him to get on with the paperwork.

Top threatens Rob and smilingly tells Ed that the cameraman didn't change the film in the camera and didn't get any footage of the mission Ed was hoping his parents would see on the news.

After he leaves Top tells Polkow to recommend Ed and Rob to receive the Bronze Star.


Thomas falls down twice in this issue!

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