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Lou Martini

Appearing in "Back in the Real World"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Việt Cộng (Imagination)
  • People's Army of Vietnam (Imagination)
    • Ho Chi Minh (Imagination)
    • Numerous unnamed soldiers (Imagination)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Back in the Real World"

Ice's disgust over what's happening in Vietnam sets the stage for one of the most unusual, poignant 'NAM tales yet! In a war filled with so many villains, Ice needs not just a hero — he needs a super hero, and lots of 'em! So enter Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America!


  • Cover art: pencils by Romita and Frenz, inks by Romita.
  • Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Ho Chi Minh only appear in a character's fantasy of what it would be like if super-heroes participated in the Vietnam War, while the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom only appear when the cover of Fantastic Four #60 is shown. This shows that on Earth-85101, those aforementioned Marvel characters are fictional.
  • John Wayne only appears in a character's retelling of the events of the movie The Green Berets.

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