The 'Pool was a plague-ridden wasteland in a restricted zone of Northern England, Greater Britain in the 82nd century.


In 8136, mass unemployment and the introduction of the North-South Border caused an uprising that became known as the Northern riots. The World Development Council responded with police brutality that was heavily criticized but managed to contain the worst of the violence.

From 8136 to 8162, the 'Pool, as this plague-ridden wasteland became known, was a restricted zone. The anarchic lawless nature of this area made it a favorite base for quite a number of ex-Game teams, including the Evil Dead and Jones Boys.[1]

Deller led Dragon's Claws on a mission to the 'Pool to eliminate the Evil Dead that resulted in deaths of three of the Evil Dead members.[2]

When the Doctor sent Death's Head to 8162, the latter materialized in the 'Pool.[3]

Dragon's Claws were sent to another mission in the 'Pool, this time to eliminate the Jones Boys.[1]


Evil Dead, Jones Boys


  • Although, the exact connection of the 'Pool to Liverpool was never explained, multiple signs point to the 'Pool being a future of Liverpool and its surrounding area. Apart from the apparent name similarity, the 'Pool is also situated in Northern England. In addition, the first image of the 'Pool featured a (dilapidated) gigantic statue of a bespectacled guitar player still adorning the area in 8162, a clear nod to John Lennon, a native of Liverpool.

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