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  • Mayor of Manhattan (First appearance)
  • News 4 staff (First appearance)
  • Stan Lee (First appearance)



  • Fusion Anti-Gravity Manipulator (First appearance)
  • Scream symbiote (First appearance)


  • Scoop (First appearance)
  • Newscopter 4 (First appearance)


The rider takes the position as a Daily Bugle "cub reporter" travelling in a Scoop during an active night of crime-fighting. He or she is given 3-D "night-sight goggles" during the ride's queue. Spider-Man drops onto the rider's vehicle and warns that Doctor Octopus is on the loose. Doctor Octopus gathers Spider-Man's main villains, called the Sinister Syndicate, and boasts of his Fusion Anti over the stolen ruins of the Statue of Liberty. Electro electrifies the rider's vehicle and then Spider-Man battles Hydro-Man, Doctor Octopus, and the Hobgoblin. Finally, Doctor Octopus uses his anti-gravity ray on the Scoop to make it float forty stories above New York City. At the ride's climax, the vehicle plunges down to the streets only to be saved by Spider-Man's web and Spider-Man wraps the villains up in a giant web cocoon to take them to prison.



  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is a motion-based 3D dark ride in the Marvel Super Hero Island in Islands of Adventure. Riders are able to experience an adventure as they ride the Scoop gaining information on the Sinister Syndicate's plans for J. Jonah Jameson.
  • The ride was designed three years before opening using storyboards and miniatures. Experiments with fog machines, fire, and laser rays helped perfect environmental and live special effects. Designers used advanced planning to synchronize all elements of the ride. For example, a technique dubbed "squenching" was used to predict how objects would move in three dimensions from the perspective of the moving audience.[1] In 2012, the ride animation was enhanced to accommodate the next-generation 3D glasses to prevent "ghosting." More detail to the ride was added in the background, although the same basic story and ride experience were preserved.[2]


  • Stan Lee appears numerous times throughout the attraction.
  • When Spider-Man is fighting Doc Ock on the streets, a movie theater can be seen advertising "The Clone Saga".

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