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Season 1

  1. Deadly Dust: Part 1
  2. Deadly Dust: Part 2
  3. The Curse of Rava
  4. Night of the Clones
  5. Escort to Danger

Season 2

  1. The Captive Tower
  2. A Matter of State
  3. The Con Caper
  4. The Kirkwood Haunting
  5. Photo Finish
  6. Wolfpack
  7. The Chinese Web


The series began with a TV movie, airing in the spring of 1977. The Amazing Spider-Man was a short-lived TV series, in the late 70's, and it starred Nicholas Hammond (previously best known for his role in The Sound of Music).

The show was a contemporary of The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman, which also aired on CBS. Like the Bixby/Ferrigno Hulk series, TASM didn't feature any of the main character's rogues from the comics, but unlike that series, did use several of the supporting characters: J. Jonah Jameson; Robbie Robertson; Aunt May.

The series was ultimately canceled, along with Wonder Woman, due to the CBS Network's fear of becoming known as a "comic book network".

A revival move was planned in 1984, and it was supposed to revive this series, as well as The Incredible Hulk. Nicholas Hammond and Bill Bixby had the idea for a Hulk/Spider-Man cross-over move while talking on the phone, and so they got a deal with Universal. Hammond would have reprised his role as Spider-Man, who would have been sporting a black costume, and Bixby would've reprised his role as David Banner. However, Universal canceled the film, saying that Ferrigno was unavailable, as he was already filming Hercules. However, Ferrigno stated in his book, My Incredible Life as the Hulk, that he was available for the film, but no one ever contacted him. A Hulk revival movie was made in place of the Spider-Man cross-over though, and it was The Incredible Hulk Returns.

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