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Synopsis for "Deadly Dust: Part 2"

Continued from last episode...

Peter Parker calls Rita Conway at the Daily Bugle and has her trace the license plate number that he saw on Mr. White's limousine. She gets it for him, and they find that the car is from Las Angeles. Peter goes back to the Daily Bugle, and asks J. Jonah Jameson to fund his trip to L.A. because he has a hot lead on the plutonium story. Jameson agrees, on the condition that he go with him. Gale Hoffman enters Jameson's office, and announces that she's coming with them, as her editor is willing to fund her as well. Later, in L.A., they're dropped off at their hotel by a taxi. They all decide to go to the pool, but Peter says he'll catch up with them, and that he has to do something first. At the pool, Gale and Jameson wait for Peter, and Gale decides to go look for him. She finds him on the roof, where he is tracing the spider-tracer that he planted on White's car. He tells her that Spider-Man gave the to him, and that Spidey is in the hotel now. She asks him if he is Spider-Man, and he laughs this off, saying that he couldn't possibly be Spider-Man, and he asks her if she thinks he's the kind of guy that could climb walls. They laugh at this, and leave the roof. Later, the three leave the hotel, and begin driving through the city, tracing Peter's tracer, though they keep Jameson in the dark about it, saying that they're just looking for White's limousine. They see the limo, and give chase. A heated car chase ensues, in which Peter tails them through a residential area. Angel, the driver, finally drops several spikes out of the back of their car at White's orders, and the spikes puncture Peter's tires. He gets out and runs across the street to a motorcycle shop, and grabs a motorcycle, saying that his 'sister' (Gale), will take care of it. She follows and also grabs a bike, saying that heir father (Jameson) will take care of everything. Jameson follows them to the shop and watches as they drive away after the limo. A shop employee talks him into buying a small motor bike to follow the with,and he pays the man. Elsewhere, Peter follows White's car into a television studio backlot, and he stops his bike in the lot, which appears to be the set for an old west ghost town. He runs behind a building and changes into Spider-Man, and then begins investigating, looking for the limo. Angel walks out from behind one of the buildings and faces him, and the martial artist kicks through the doors out of the saloon, and begins approaching Spidey with Angel. Angel threatens that he doesn't know how Spidey survived the fall from the roy, but that he'll kill him this time. Before either party can attack, Gale drives up, but accidentally crashes her bike, right in-between Spider-Man and the henchmen.

Spider-Man grabs her and pulls her to safety, telling her to run, and he turns to face the men. the martial artist attacks Spidey, who dodges his blows. Angel also attacks him, but Spider-Man punches him and kicks him through a window. The other man draws nunchucks, while Angel goes after Gale, and Spidey begins fighting the man again. He jumps onto a balcony over-head, escaping the man again. He makes his way down to street-level again, but he starts running, weaving in-between buildings to lose him. He jumps out and kicks him down, and the man recovers and starts attacking again, and Spidey jumps onto some porch railing, balancing and dodging kicks. He jumps off, kicking the man again, and he runs away. He makes his away around the side of another building, but the man gets in front of him, and makes his way towards him again. Spidey webs one of the awning supports, and pulls it down, bringing a whole roof down on the man. Hearing Gale scream Spidey runs off, and finds her in a barn, where she is being accosted by Angel on the barn's loft. He leaps up and knocks Angel off, and together, he and Gale jump off into a pile of hay. After saving Gale, he runs out of the barn and down the street, where he finds his hidden motorbike, an the changes back into his regular clothes. Meanwhile, Jameson has finally caught up to them, and he does though the broken gate and into the backlot, where he sees Gale. Peter rides up on his bike, and Gale tells them everything that happened. After her story, Peter tells them that he lost the tracer on the limo.

Back at White's house, Angel tells White about how Peter was snooping, and about how Spider-Man interrupted them. White says that he thought Angel threw Spidey off of the building , and Angel confirms that he did. White says that they'll have to move faster, and he makes a phone call. Later, in the hotel, they receive a call from Rita in New York that Mr. White has the bomb, and that if he doesn't get the money that he demands, then he'll explode in in the area where it will do the most damage. Despite Gale and Jameson's protests that they should head back to New York, Peter says that they need to stay in L.A. Later, Peter and Gale go to a music studio that Mr. White owns, and they sit in on a recording while they wait for the receptionist to get him. Angel contracts her, and he waits in White's office to get Peter, but Peter never shows. Spider-Man goes outside and plants a tracer on the limo again, but his spider-sense goes off, because inside, the martial arts expert grabs Gale. Peter accosts the receptionist and she gives him the location that they're heading toward. He changes into Spider-Man and gets onto the roof. down below, the martial artist and Angel put Gale in the back, and they drive back to White's house, as Spidey follows them. He gets to the house, and tries to find a way in, but the martial artist launches himself into the air and kicks Spidey in the back. Spider-Man unaware that they knew he was here, gets up and faces the man again. He attacks, punching and kicking at Spidey, but he blocks them, and dodges a lightning-fast kick that destroys several vases. The man grabs a garden hoe near the vases, and begins swinging it, but Spider-Man dodges it and webs him to a post. Meanwhile, Mr. White forces Gale to dress in a bikini, saying that she doesn't have any place to hide a weapon now. He has Angel guard her by the pool, while he leaves to make good on his bomb threat. Spidey jumps off of the roof and lands in the pool area, and Angel attacks him. He grabs both of Angel's arms and twist downward, and he then flips Angel into the pool. Later after webbing him up, Spidey asks where White went, and Gale tells him that he's planning on exploding the bomb on the building that the president is giving his speech in in L.A., not New York. Spidey tells her to call the police, and he leaves, heading for the airport. Meanwhile, White and Ramon set up the bomb on the selected rooftop.

Spider-Man gets to the airport, and asks a pilot for a ride in a helicopter, saying he's going t jump off and skydive. The man, amused by his suit, gives him a free ride, and takes him up in the helicopter. He sees White and Ramon taking off in another helicopter, heading away from the roof. He jumps out of his own helicopter and begins free-falling, high above the city. When he falls near White's helicopter, he fires a web line, and it catches on the landing gear. Spider-Man hans from the web as the helicopter continues to fly, anti finally passes over the rooftop where the bomb is, and Spidey lets go f the web and drops, landing on the rooftop. With only minutes to spare, he de-activates the bomb, and gets a picture of himself holding it with his camera. Later, Peter shows the picture to Jameson and Gale, telling them about how 'Spider-Man' saved the day.


  • Peter Parker appears as Spider-Man 2 times in this episode.
  • This is the conclusion the the Deadly Dust two parter. This episode and the previous one were both composited into a movie, Spider-Man Strikes Back, and it was released abroad. The move was the sequel to the series' pilot film, Spider-Man.


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