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  • Mandak (Only appearance)[1]
  • Rava cultists (Only appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Professor Rusk (Only appearance)[1]



Synopsis for "The Curse of Rava"

Peter Parker visits Rita Conway in her apartment, and they talk briefly. He tells her that he's going to go down to the university and check out a new exhibit in their museum, the statue of a god from Khalistan, Rava, which is the religion of a Khalistan cult that has become prominent on the campus. That night, inside the university, Professor Rusk, and employee there, meets with a mysterious man, who protests against the statue being kept there. He says that Rusk will suffer from the Curse of Rava, but Rusk scoffs at this. A young girl, Trina Pandit, sneaks through the halls and enters the room stealthily. she listens in, and hears their conversation. The man looks at the statue, and begins chanting Rava's name, and things begin moving in the room. The statue begins to shake violently, and a sword flies out of a glass case and smashes into the wall txt to Rusk. They bot see Trina, who runs out, and the man says that he warned Rusk about the curse.

The net day, many Khalistan students march outside of the university with signs, protesting against the school's possession of the statue. Peter arrives to take some pictures, and he photographs the man from the other night as well. Peter's spider-sense goes off, and he is alerted to the danger of the man and the protesters. He leaves to change, and the protest turns violent, as the students begin pushing past the guards, and hitting them. Peter arrives in his Spider-Man costume, and the mob begins throwing various objects at him. He dodges them, and webs a nearby flagpole. Swinging on the web, he kicks two protesters down, and helps up a guard. The man, out of sight, begins chanting Rava's name again, and a chunk of concrete from the roof falls down on Spidey, who pulls himself and the guard out of the way just in time. He leaves, and returns in his street-clothes, and by this time, Captain Barbera and other policemen arrive. J. Jonah Jameson also shows up, and they all begin questioning people who were there. Peter leaves, but his spider-sense triggers, and he remembers the mysterious man from earlier, and he wonders why the man activated his other sense.

Later, at the Daily Bugle, Peter is able to sell the photos that he took to Jameson. The next night, Jameson goes to the university to meet with Rusk, and they meet next to the Rava statue. Jameson tells Rusk to do what he did last night, so Jameson can see the curse for himself. The man watch them from another part of the room, and he begins chanting Rava's name. Objects begin flying around the room as the statue begins to shake, and it finally falls over on Rusk, knocking him unconscious. The police arrive, and after some questioning, they arrest Jameson on suspicion of attempted murder. Later, Peter goes to visit Jameson at the station, and the two are able to persuade Barbera to call the D.A. on Jameson's behalf. He does, and Jameson goes free. Meanwhile, Peter goes to a lab, and meets with a scientist, and they discuss telekinesis, the ability that the man Peter photographed may have. He then meets with Trina at the university, and he gets some information about the cult. Barbera meets with the man and several other Rava followers, and a watchmen from the university. The man believes that Barbera has disrespected Rava, and he tells the captain that the curse of Rava is upon him before leaving. Barbera leaves and runs into Parker, and he tells him what happened. Peter says that he shouldn't take the curse threat so lightly, but Barbera blows him off and leaves in his car. Meanwhile, Peter's spider-sense goes off, and remembering his conversation with Barbera, he changes into Spider-Man. As Barbera drives, his check-engine light goes on, and he pulls over in an alley to check it, while Spider-Man follows him on the rooftops. The man watches Barbera from around the corner, and he begins using his abilities. Barbera begins walking to a station, but the car turns on and the hod closes. Barbera turns around, and his car surges forward. He begins running as his car tries to run him down. Meanwhile, Spider-Man makes it to the roof of the building next to the alley, and he climbs down the side of the building, just in time to see Barbera almost get crushed in between a dumpster and his own car. He webs Barbera and pulls him upward, and the car crashes into the dumpster. After lowering him down. Spidey jumps down, and Barbera tells him what happened. He runs out of the alley, but stops to look at a newspaper. The headline reads, "Daily Bugle Publisher Jailed".

After changing, Peter goes back to the station to meet with Jameson, who says that Rusk fell into a coma, and that he may die, so they put Jameson back in jail. He goes back to the Bugle, and gets Rita to help him get into Jameson's locked office to retrieve the negatives of his photos that can save Jameson, since the photos are of the mysterious man behind it all. Meanwhile, the man and two cultists grab Trina and put her in his limousine. He uses his telekinesis to choke her, and she agrees to help him, and she tells hi where the statue is. Later, Peter goes to the university, and finds Captain Barbera and some other policemen there. The Rava statue has been stolen, and Peter knows who did it. He goes to meet Trina, and he gets the information out of her; the man's name is Mandak, and he is the leader of the Rava cult. She also tells him where they took the statue.

Later, as Spider-Man, Peter trails Barbera's car. Barbera is driving home, when he feels something land on his roof. Spider-Man's head appears, as he is hanging up-side down from the roof, and he signals for Barbera to pull over. He does, and Spider-Man tells him when and where to be if he wants the statue back. He then scales a building, and Barbera yells after him. That night, Spider-Man finds the building that Trina told him about, and he uses his super-strength to tear the bars off of the window. He climbs through, and finds the statue. Before he can move it out of the window, he hears footsteps, and jumps up onto the ceiling. Two cultists walk in and begin loading the statue into a crate, but Spider-Man webs them up in a net and jumps down. Does begin closing around him, and he looks up to find Mandak standing there. Mandate begins hurling objects in the room at him telekinetically, but he dodges them. He swings on a web, but Mandak pushes him back into a crate. He then creates a ale force that scatters papers across the rom, and pushes several tables. Spider-Man struggles against the gale force, but in the commotion, the Rava statue moves towards him and knocks him against the wall, knocking him unconscious. Later, Peter meets with Trina and Barbera, who tell him what will happen tot he statue next, and h also tells them that Khalistan has bee granted diplomatic immunity, but that his country probably plans too punish him themselves.


  • Peter Parker appears as Spider-Man 3 times in this episode.


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