Quote1 Look, I'm grateful, I'm also kind of at a loss for words. I mean I know you're Spider-Man, but meeting face-to-face sort of blows my mind. Quote2
-- Julie Masters

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Synopsis for "A Matter of State"

In an airport, a man walks off of his flight carrying a briefcase. A maintenance man begins tailing him, and several other men ambush him and steal the case. Several security guards chase after them. At the Daily Bugle, Rita Conway gets a call about the airport being shut down due to security. At the airport, he, along with Julie Masters and several other reporters, cover the story. The police are very vague about he details, but they tell everyone that there's a chance that a passenger could be infected with a serous disease. Julie looks out the window and is taking pictures, and Peter jokingly bumps her arm, and she accidentally takes a picture of one of the security guards. They notice that Jim McGann from the FBI is there, and they wonder why the FBI is investigating a small quarantine. The two wait in the airport for a little longer to make sure they've covered the full story, and Julie tries to explain to Peter that she's only really competitive with Peter because they work at rival newspapers and she need to be, and she says she wishes he would like her just a little more. The police come in again, and announce that there's no crisis, and that everyone can leave. Peter walks out and tries to get some information from Jim, but the agent blows him off and laves. Julie gets on a bus that's leaving, but the man who posed as the maintenance man and security guard that she photographed earlier spots her. He tells his henchmen to follow her, and they tail the bus in the van. Peter gets on the bus too, but his spider-sense goes off, and he stops the bus and gets off. The boss tells one of his guys, Carl, to get out and follow Julie when she gets off the bus. He follows her, and she walks into a parking garage, and goes to the top floor to get her motorbike. He catches her off guard, and snatches her camera. Peter arrives on the roof in his costume, and he spots Carl. He leaps down and ambushes Carl, and Carl tries to fight him. He dodges Carl's punches and tries to get the camera, but a policeman sees him and mistakes Spidey's actions as a mugging. Spidey lets Carl go and flees, and Carl tells the officer to chase Spider-Man.

Back at the Daily Bugle, Peter shows his pictures to J. Jonah Jameson, and Jameson says that he knows McGann, and he also knows the man from the state department in the picture, Sean Levins. He speculates about why the state department and FBI would be investigating a simple quarantine. He tells Jameson about how Julie was mugged, and how the mugger only wants the film in her camera. He leaves Jameson's office, and asks Rita to call Julie's apartment. She does, but Julie isn't there. He leaves the Bugle to look for her. Meanwhile, in the building that the thieves are holed up in, the boss who Julie photographed when posing as a security guard, calls his employer and informs them that they have the NATO defense plans stolen from the briefcase at the airport, and that they will only deliver them if the employer agrees to pay his price of $2,000,000 for them. The employer agrees and hangs up, and the boss sends Carl and another man to Julie's apartment to get the prints and negatives of her pictures, as the role of film from her camera was blank, and he doesn't want to be incriminated. At the Bugle, Jameson is paid a visit by Levins, who tells him the truth about the airport quarantine, that NATO defense plans were stolen en route to an unspecified location. He says he shares this information with Jameson in the confidence that he won't run the story, and Jameson agrees. Elsewhere, Peter arrives at Julie's apartment, but his spider-sense warns him of Carl in her apartment. He changes into Spider-Man, and scales the building. Spidey enters through an open window, and webs Carl up, knocking him out. He calls the police from Julie's phone and reports the break-in, and leaves. The other man watches the building from across the street, and leaves when the police arrive. Meanwhile, Julie cruises through the streets on her bike, an she goes to her apartment. She stops outside, and asks why all the police are there. An officer tells her about the breaking, and allows her to go inside. She meets Lieutenant Martinez investigating her place, and he tells her what happened. Peter shows up, and they let him in. Peter finds ashes in an ashtray, and they find pieces of burnt film in it. Peter remembers the pictures she took at the airport, and she goes into her development room, and finds the negatives and prints gone. Peter tries to get Martinez to understand that this is connected to the airport, but he blows Peter off and takes the ashtray as evidence and leaves. Peter and Julie discuss what she could have photographed, and Peter says he thinks she's in danger, and tells her not to let anyone unfamiliar in. She says goodbye, and he leaves.

At the thieves hideout, the other man tries to explain to the boss that even tough he was arrested, Carl guaranteed that the pictures were burned. The boss is still paranoid at the fact that Julie could identify him, and the man tells him not to worry. Later, the man tries to break into Julie's apartment again, but she is there, and he leaves. She gets scared, and calls the police. At the Bugle, Jameson tells Peter about Levins' visit, and how he won't publish the story. He says he's reassigning Peter to a flower show, and Peter, annoyed, goes back to Julie's apartment to check on her. Back at Julie's, Lieutenant Martinez comes back to check it out after her call about a second break-in, and he tells her to stay there, as he can't be there all the time. He leaves, and she tries to make a cll, but her phone is dead. Outside, the man cuts her phone line, and sneaks into her apartment. Peter arrives as Spider-Man, and climbs up the wall to her apartment, having been waned by his spider-sense. The man gets inside and grabs her, but Spidey comes and kicks him away from her, and he runs out. She asks why he doesn't follow the man, and he says the man could have brought friends, and he doesn't want to leave her alone. He exits through the window, telling her that her phone will be fixed. The man calls the boss from a payphone, and the boss tells him to try to get her again, and to i.e. another man if he needs help. Peter shows up at Julie's again, not in costume, and she tells him what happened. They try to figure this out, and they realize she photographed the security guard. They leave to go to the police station to look through mugshots for the man's identity, but Peter's spider-sense goes off as they leave, and he's knocked out by the man with another man outside Julie's door, and they grab Julie and leave. Later, Peter wakes up and calls the police. He goes to the Bugle, and convinces Jameson to put up Carl's bail money, so that he can follow Carl and find out where they have Julie.

Later, Peter tails Carl to the place, slips a spier-trace on him, leaves, and changes into Spider-Man. Inside the building, Julie is bound and gagged, and the men plan to kill her before leaving. Carl comes in, and swears he wasn't followed, but the boss berates him for having been so careless about not being tracked. Spider-Man uses his tracker on the tracer, and busts into the room through the window. He defeats the men, frees Julie, and snaps some pictures before leaving. The net day, Jameson admires his front page headline on the kidnapping, with photos that Peter says Spider-man gave to him.


  • Peter Parker appears as Spider-Man 3 times in this episode.


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