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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Weldon Grey (Only appearance)[1]
  • Cork (Only appearance)[1]
  • Wiley (Only appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Benita Grey (Only appearance)[1]
  • NYPD

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At the Daily Bugle Building, Peter Parker is sent by J. Jonah Jameson to interview famous coin collector Weldon Grey, who has just recently purchased some rare coins. Peter goes to his building, and begins interviewing Weldon. Suddenly his spider-sense alerts him to a nearby danger, and someone with a muffled voice holding a gun reaches around the door and tells them to turn around, so they can't see their assailant's face. The criminal knocks them both over the head, takes the coins, and leaves. When they come to, they call the police, who quickly arrive, as does Julie Masters, who wants to see if Peter is all right. After being interviewed by the cops, Peter goes back to the Bugle and develops his photos. He finds that one of them almost captures the burglar's face, but their face is obscured by their gun. The face appears to be a woman, but he still can't tell who it is. He's also alarmed by the fact that he didn't take the picture, even though it was on his role of film. Rita Conway comes in and sees what he's doing, but he tells her not to tell the cops about this. The police come in and ask Rita where Peter is, and she directs them into the photography development room, and they go in, and find the window open, and Peter nowhere to be found. Outside, as Spider-Man, Peter climbs down the side of the building. Later, after changing back into his normal clothes, he goes to see Weldon' ex-wife, Benita, and he tells her that he thinks someone is trying to frame her. He asks if it could be Weldon, but she denies this, saying she and Weldon still have a good relationship.

Later, Peter goes to Jameson, and explains that, even though he'll be held in contempt of court and go to prison, he has critical information, but that he doesn't want to get Benita put in jail when she's innocent, so he's going to withhold the information and protect his source. Jameson agrees, and decides to back him. They meet with the judge and try to reason with him, but he stands firm, and says that Peter Parker will be released from custody once he is willing to share what he knows. Peter is put in prison, and meanwhile, at the docks, Weldon meets with two men he hired, Cork and Wiley. Weldon did in fact frame his wife, and he hired Cork to put on a wig and make it look like Benita stole the coins, so hat she'll go to prison, and he can keep the coins and the ransom money. Weldon says he needs a coin, to plant in Benita's home, and Cork agrees to give it to him. In prison, Peter is visited by Julie, and the two share a tender moment before she has to leave. Meanwhile, Cork goes to Weldon's office to give him the coin, but the Weldon threatens Cork when he starts being difficult, and Cork takes out a chain he carries, and warns Weldon not to push him. In his cell, Peter changes into Spider-Man, and bends the bears on his window so he can slip through and escape. He slips out through the window and climbs down the building, and heads to Weldon's office. Once he gets there, he sneaks inside, and tries to figure out at what angle the picture of the robber was taken, so he can figure out who took it and put it on his role of film. Spidey goes to leave, but trips an alarm, and Weldon and Cork run in. Weldon draws a gun, and tells Cork to take care of him. Cork and Spider-Man square off, and Cork takes out his chain. Cork takes a couple swings at Spidey, but he dodges, and knocks him across the room with a solid punch. Weldon takes aim with his gun, but Spidey webs his arm and pulls him to the floor, disarming him. Cork attacks him from behind, and Spidey turns just in time for the chain to slash across his face, cutting off half of his mask and exposing his face. Spider-Man runs out and climbs back down the side of the building, but Weldon saw his face, and tells Cork that he believes that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, at Benita's home, the police search through her belongings, as she is their prime suspect. They end up finding one of the coins, and though she vehemently denies ever seeing it, they arrest her. Weldon goes to see Jameson, and explains that he admires Peter's ethical stand on not revealing his sources, an he also says that the burglars have contacted him and told him to deliver $100,000 to them in exchange of the coins. He says that he hopes his wife will divulge her partners' names, and he says that the Bugle can't cover the story until the police cack the case. He tells Jameson that once the case is over and Parker is let out of prison, he wants Peter to cover the story. Jameson goes to see Peter in prison, and he tells Peter about Weldon buying back the other 4 coins tomorrow, and how the 5th coin was found in Benita Grey's possession. Peter says he doesn't believe Benita is involved, and Jameson says he'll try to get Peter out as quickly as possible. Later, the guard gives Peter his dinner, and once he leaves, Peter dumps it all down the drain in his sink, and changes into Spider-Man. He bends the bars on the window again, and leaves. Weldon meets Cork and Wiley at a warehouse, and Spidey goes inside. He realizes it's a trap when Weldon steps out with his gun drawn, and he gets off a lucky shot, which hits Spidey in the leg. he limps away through the warehouse, where he is attacked by the hulking Wiley, who he takes down with one punch to the stomach. He gets up to the exit leading to the roof when he's ambushed by Cork, who swings at him wildly with his chain. He knocks Cork down, and runs out onto the roof and begins climbing down the side of the building, while Cork allows him on the fire escape, but Spidey escapes. Weldon says that he still thinks that Peter is Spider-Man, and when Cork asks how this helps them, he explains that if Peter's here than he must've escaped jail. The two order Wiley to get to a phone and make an anonymous call to the police that Peter has escaped.

Meanwhile, Peter, still in costume, climbs back up the side of the prison towards his cell window, when Wiley makes the call. The guard scoffs at this, but goes to check Peter's cell anyway. Peter climbs inside and changes just in time, and the guard sees that he's still there, and leaves. Peter bends the bars back to normal, as he'd leaned up against them s the guard couldn't see that they were bent. He then nurses his leg wound. The guard returns to his desk, and gets a phone call from Jameson saying he has a 24 hour excuse for Peter to be let out. Once he gets back to the Bugle, he asks Rita to find out who ensured Weldon's coins, and he calls Julie, and asks her to investigate a fake story, the details of which he'll give her tomorrow, to make it look like a legit story. The next day, Weldon pulls into his parking lot and goes into his office, and Peter sneaks out of the alley next-door, and plants a spider-tracer on Weldon's car. He then change into Spider-Man, and climbs onto the roof. In his office, Weldon sees in the paper that the coin found at his ex-wife's home turned out to be counterfeit. On the roof, Peter gets into the electrical box and listens in on Weldon's phone calls. Weldon gets a cal from Rita, impersonating the insurance department, and she explains that the department are withholding payment on the claims he filed to his coins, as news is out that they may be counterfeit. Weldon angrily hangs up. On the roof, Peter leaves with a tape he made of the phone call. Weldon sees on the news that the news of his planted coin being counterfeit has caused the case against Benita to be dropped. Weldon leaves, and on his way out, he is accosted by Julie Masters, who is investigating Peter's fake story. She questions him about the counterfeit coins, as this story has been set up by Peter, but he blows her off and leaves. Outside, he gets into his car and drives away, and Peter follows him in his own car.

Later, Weldon arrives at the dock, tailed by Peter. Weldon goes onto Cork's boat, and he asks for the other coins, but Cork says he'll only give them if Weldon has the money. Weldon shows them the article in the paper, and Cork, though perplexed, still won't give the coins. Weldon says he'd never plant a counterfeit coin, as that would be pointless, and he asks to check the other coins to see if they're real. Cork tells Weldon to wait on the dock while they get the coins, and he and Wiley go to get them from another part of the boat. While waiting, he sees Peter, in costume, swing down onto the docks on a web. Cork walks down the boat with the coins, but Spider-Man swings by and kicks him. Spidey lands on the boat, and Wiley attacks him, but he pushes the man away. Cork tosses the case of coins to Wiley, who runs down the boat with them. Spidey tries to chase him, but before he can, Cork attacks. Spider-Man kicks him over, and chases Wiley. Wiley runs to the edge of the boat and throws the case down to Weldon on the dock. Wiley turns to face Spider-Man, who easily overpowers him. Wiley takes a wild swing at him, and he doges, and Wiley plummets over the side of the boat and into the water. Spidey dives off into the water, and Weldon starts up a motorboat, trying to escape. Spidey climbs up onto the dock, and webs the motor, yanking it off of the boat. The boat stops, and Weldon is left trapped in the boat on the water. Jameson, Julie, and the police arrive, and Spider-Man dives back into the water to avoid being seen. They arrest Weldon, and Peter runs up, having changed back into his normal clothes. With the criminals arrested, Peter and Julie drive back to the Bugle together.


  • Peter Parker appears as Spider-Man 5 times in this episode.

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