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The Street Dance Crew, secretly a nefarious burglar trio, knock out the NYPD Officer stationed outside the ACME Diamond Warehouse, but are interrupted by Spider-Man who almost defeats them, until Green Goblin joins the Crew, throwing Spider-Man off the roof of the Dolly Dum Drop Sweets Inc. factory. Spider-Man gets away, planning to defeat Green Goblin and the Street Dance Crew come round 2, but first, as Peter Parker, spends some time with Mary Jane Watson in Central Park.

Meanwhile, the criminals lay out their plan to steal the Stone of the Universe, a giant diamond stored in the ACME High Security Vault. They plan to kidnap Mary Jane, as she is the star of 'Hot Fever' at the Scala Theatre, and hold her for a ransom by sending a blackmail email to Dan Durando, Eye in the Sky for WNYF Radio, before blowing up the WNYF antenna, so that Durando can't call Spider-Man for help, and the ACME High Security Vault at the same time.

The villains' scheme goes off without a hitch, but Spider-Man rescues MJ and defeats the Street Dance Crew and the Green Goblin, handing over the Stone of the Universe, and the Green Goblin to the NYPD.


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  • The Amazing Spider-Man Show: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds was a musical stage show in the Ranger County Arena in Thorpe Park. It ran in 2003 and 2004, before being replaced by Stunt Mania in 2005

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