Millenia ago, the giant alien creature known as The Big Ol'Boy! visited the planet Earth to take a rest during an eating tour, during the Earth's stone age. Primitive locals sculpted him for worship purposes, representing him with a burger in his hand. Many years later, a businessman bought the statues and used them for publicity purposes in his fast-food franchise. Due to this, The Big Ol'Boy!'s face became the laughing stock of the galaxy, and he was forced to hide his identity using an armor and the new name: Galactapus.[1]

Galactapus visited Earth again and tried to eat it, but the Fantastical Four stopped him, defeated him and forced him to sign a non-aggression pact forbiddin him to eat the Earth. But Galactapus was still hungry and looked for a way to eat. He obtained a new herald, Harrold, who travelled through space in his cosmic-powered pogo stick, and sent thim to Earth to steal all the chocolate chip cookies, because those were Galactapus' favorite food. At that time, the Earth was being invaded by the warlike froglike aliens Snarfs, but this was not enough to distract the attention of the population: The recently-powered Bower Brats devoted their effort to find the "Cookiee Crook."[1]

Galactapus sent Harrold to Earth again, and Harrold kidnapped two superpowered beings who could generate chocolate, Clunk and Dagnabbit. However, the Bower Brats were allied with Clunk and Dagnabbit and, assuming that the Cookiee Crook would target them, had given them a homing device that they could follow in their starship, the-Wednesday-after-the-day-before. They found Galactapus and asked him for an explanation or The Duke of Density of the Bower Brats would punch him. Galactus explained his hunger motivation. Then, Lickitysplit of the Bower Brats gave Galactapus the recipe of drumstricks made with Snarfs, which he would like better than chocolate. Galactapus then took care of the invading aliens, saving the Earth and returning the chocolate and the superheroes.[1]

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