Appearing in "From Far Beneath the Mirror of the Moon!"

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  • I.O. Belog (An Alien)
    • His Crew
  • Namor (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "From Far Beneath the Mirror of the Moon!"

While exploring unusual sonic pulses under Lake Michigan, the Cat encounters mysterious aliens she mistakes as a Naval crew site in a submerged dome. Kraken tries to overtake the complex, but the Cat and the alien crew fight off the pirates. The alien commander, Belog, ultimately decides to abandon earth and blasts his submerged craft back into outer space. A startled Greer Is shocked at this turn of events.

Solicit Synopsis

According to Travis Starnes' website, Following her confrontation with the Owl, Greer decides to bring her mentor to a lake house retreat to recover. When her senses pick up strange sonar emanations in the lake, she can't help but investigate. - See more at:


  • This issue features a letters page: “Cat Scratchings”. Letters are published from Shira J. Rosan, Frank Miller, Cincinnati’s, and Bill Henley, Jr.


  • This Issue has a letter on the letters page from a young Frank Miller. (Verified by user: thepokerhulk)/ *(See #4 in comparison). Miller lived at his listed address in Montpelier, Vermont at this time.

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