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Synopsis for "Stampede"

Greer Grant encounters William Taurens in a Chicago bar. Taurens is a jerk and Grant knocks him down and spills a drink on him. Taurens takes it personally and turns into the Man-Bull. Grant puts on her Cat costume and easily defeats him.

Appearing in "The Female of the Species!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
X-Men #57.

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Synopsis for "The Female of the Species!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
X-Men #57.

In this backup feature, Marvel Girl explains to the reading audience how her telepathic and telekinetic powers work. Beginning with her telekinetic powers, Jean explains that she can use her mind to lift objects from something as small as an apple to something large like a sofa. She also shows how she can manipulate objects with her telekinetic powers by peeling an apple with a knife and deflecting an enemy weapon. She also explains how her powers can get her out of traps, such as allowing her to control a pair of scissors to cut off a blindfold and ropes that are bound to her hands, or use them to turn the bolt of a locked door from the opposite side or allow her to seemingly walk above a flaming pit without harm. Finally, she demonstrates that she can use her telekinesis to lift herself up and allow her to land safely on the ground.

Next to explaining her telepathic powers, she explains that she can use them to cause pain in someone's mind, downing even the most powerful villain with a mental bolt. She explains that her powers help her out in everyday life which she demonstrates by tripping up a would-be purse snatcher. At the end, when a bunch of male onlookers of the scene pay attention to her beauty, she confesses that being able to make a man turn his head requires no effort at all.


  • This issue contains a letters page: Cat Scratchings. Letters are published from Rex Evans, Richard J. Bar, Matt Graham, and Bryan Newman.
  • Last issue of Cat Vol 1. The character appears next in Marvel Team-Up #8

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