The Composite Being is a cosmic entity who was split into two aspects of good and evil. At some point in his long existence, this being had decided to undergo an experiment to split himself into two beings representing the good and evil aspects of himself named Ahh and Ngh respectively. In addition to the aspects, a set of companions were formed along with the two known as Xa and The Winged Man which proved to be the source of failure in the experiment by containing remnants of good and evil in one another. The good aspects were eventually imprisoned by the Tetrarchs of Entropy while the evil aspects fled to conquer the Dimension of Exile. The Composite Being eventually reformed once more after Ahh convinced Ngh to merge with her and the being chose to venture out into the cosmos to save and be worshipped by other civilizations after taking away the powers of the Tetrarchs. [1]


Due to possessing the combined powers of his two aspects, the Composite Being possesses the ability to gain strength from the good and evil within other beings in addition to the others listed:

  • Immortality
  • Flight
  • Power Absorption
  • Concussive Blasts
  • Dimensional Travel

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