"New World Order"
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Quote1.png We need new heroes. Ones suited for the times we're in. Quote2.png
Falcon (Sam Wilson)

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Synopsis for "New World Order"

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes realize that their futures are anything but normal.


Sam Wilson / FalconAnthony Mackie
Bucky Barnes / Winter SoldierSebastian Stan
John WalkerWyatt Russell
James Rhodes / RhodeyDon Cheadle
Joaquín TorresDanny Ramirez
BatrocGeorges St-Pierre
Karli MorgenthauErin Kellyman
DovichDesmond Chiam
GigiDani Deetté
DeeDeeIndya Bussey
Dr. RaynorAmy Aquino
Sarah WilsonAdepero Oduye
CassChase River McGhee
AJAaron Haynes
YoriKen Takemoto
UniqueIan Gregg
LeahMiki Ishikawa
Ancient Shop ManagerGordon Danniels
Loan OfficerVince Pisani
Government OfficialAlphie Hyorth
Senator AtwoodRebecca Lines
CronyBryan Brendle
MajorJon Briddell
Colonel VassantMiles Brew
Kidnap PilotErik Bello
Patron #1Tyler Merritt
CarlosCharles Black
Café PatronAhmad Alhadi
RJAkie Kotabe
RJ's Co-WorkerWendy Rosas



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