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Quote1.png You think you can just wake up one day and decide who you wanna be? It doesn't work like that. Well, maybe it does for folks like you. Quote2.png
Isaiah Bradley


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Flag Smashers
    • Karli Morgenthau (Name first revealed)
    • Matias (First and only known appearance; dies) (Unnamed)
    • Dovich (Unnamed)
    • Lennox (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Diego (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • DeeDee (Unnamed)
    • Gigi (Unnamed)
    • Nico (First appearance) (Unnamed)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




John Walker is named Captain America, and Sam and Bucky team up against a rebel group.


Sam Wilson / FalconAnthony Mackie
Bucky Barnes / Winter SoldierSebastian Stan
John WalkerWyatt Russell
LemarClé Bennett
Joaquín TorresDanny Ramirez
Isaiah BradleyCarl Lumbly
ZemoDaniel Brühl
Karli MorgenthauErin Kellyman
DovichDesmond Chiam
GigiDani Deetté
DeeDeeIndya Bussey
LennoxRenes Rivera
DiegoTyler Dean Flores
MatiasNess Bautista
Dr. RaynorAmy Aquino
Eli BradleyElijah Richardson
NicoNoah Mills
Olivia WalkerGabrielle Byndloss
Alonso BarberMike Ray
RudyNeal Kodinsky
HerselfSara Haines
CopsScott Parks, Richard Christian Wooley
DrunkIan Covell
Nervous EmployeeJonathan Horne
Neighborhood KidJecobi Swain
Drumline Drum MajorRashaad Horne
Drumline DancersMonique McNeal, Haley Daykin, Taya Bluiett, Sheena Brown, Sheneè Campbell


  • The high school marching band at the beginning of the episode play a rendition of "Star Spangled Man" from the film Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Bucky says he read the fantasy novel The Hobbit when it originally came out in 1937, but the novel was only published in London in 1937, with publications in the United States starting months later in 1938.
  • The birthplace and childhood home of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. appears in the background of the scene Sam and Bucky visit Baltimore, even if Dr. King was born in Atlanta. This is because the series was filmed in Atlanta. King's home also appears in the background of the scene where Sam is racially profiled by the Baltimore police.[1]
  • This episode uses the same establishing shot footage of Germany as used in Captain America: Civil War, just without the large location name titles.


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