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As The Flag Smashers escalate their actions, Sam and Bucky take action.


Sam Wilson / FalconAnthony Mackie
Bucky Barnes / Winter SoldierSebastian Stan
Sharon CarterEmily VanCamp
Baron ZemoDaniel Brühl
John WalkerWyatt Russell
Karli MorgenthauErin Kellyman
Valentina Allegra de FontaineJulia Louis-Dreyfus
Isaiah BradleyCarl Lumbly
Sarah WilsonAdepero Oduye
BatrocGeorges St-Pierre
Joaquín TorresDanny Ramirez
Dr. RaynorAmy Aquino
DovichDesmond Chiam
GigiDani Deetté
DeeDeeIndya Bussey
LennoxRenes Rivera
DiegoTyler Dean Flores
Eli BradleyElijah Richardson
CassChase River McGhee
AJAaron Haynes
Yori NakajimaKen Takemoto
LeahMiki Ishikawa
Ancient Shop ManagerGordon Danniels
Loan OfficerVince Pisani
Government OfficialAlphie Hyorth
Senator AtwoodRebecca Lines
CronyBryan Brendle
MajorJon Briddell
Secret Service ChiefBrad Brinkley
Secret Service AgentChristian Brunetti
AylaJane Rumbaua
WomanJennifer Christa Palmer
Middle-Aged ManBrian Sheppard
ReportersNirvi Shah, Regina Ting Chen
Older ManWalt Elder
Older Man's FriendKevin Saunders
Prime Minister LacontSalem Murphy
GRC OfficialDemi Castro
OeznikNicholas Pryor
Raft Guard EscortMalachi Malik
Olivia WalkerGabrielle Byndloss


  • The series changes its title card at the end of the episode to Captain America and the Winter Soldier.
    • An earlier cut of the episode had the title card at the end read: "Captain America and the White Wolf", but it was changed back to "Winter Soldier" because it was deemed less emotionally impactful.[1]
  • Some characters and actors from the first episode appear to have been mistakenly credited in this episode.


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