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Synopsis for "The Fourth Nail: Blood and Sand!"

Indy is fighting aborigines in Australia, when a mysterious team of Ismailis (elite Arab warriors) comes to his rescue. The Ismailis take Indy to their master, Ben Ali Ayoob, the wealthy collector seeking the so-called Fourth Nail, a gypsy artifact associated with the crucifixion of Christ. After turning down Ayoob's offer, Indy heads to Barcelona in search of the Nail. There, he helps his gypsy friend Torino escape some trouble with the locals. When Indy mentions the Nail, Torino disappears, leaving Indy alone in the stock pen of a bullring, with an angry steer as his only company...

Solicit Synopsis

Our hero begins the most difficult quest of his career, for an object as old as the crucifixion itself! The first issue of a sizzling two-parter, and the best Indiana Jones story yet.


  • While the comic portrayed Spain as peaceful in the comics, historically, Spain during 1936 is embroiled in Spanish Civil War between Axis-backed Francisco Franco's army and left-leaning government supported by international volunteers.

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