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The Struckers, having settled back in at the Underground's headquarters after the attack at the Fairburn outpost, discover Sentinel Services are out to find the missing portion of Otto Strucker's research, and are going after everyone who ever knew him to find it - including Reed's mother Ellen. The family hurry to the insurance agency where Ellen works before the Sentinel Services can get to her first. Lauren and Andy wait outside to keep watch while Reed and Caitlin head up to Ellen's office. Reed's mother claims she had no idea about the mutant lineage Otto hid from her, but gives them the name of a researcher he used to work with - Madeleine Risman. Lauren calls them to warn them about approaching Sentinel Services agents, and they hurry to the car. Andy, tired of constantly hiding from the Sentinel Services, chooses to fight back against the agents, and throws them back with his telekinetic abilities. Lauren uses her own powers to prevent her brother from doing anything else to them. Although the Struckers want Ellen to come with them back to headquarters, she tells them she'll only slow them down in her old age, and that she will hide out with a friend in Boca Raton.

Meanwhile, Eclipse, Polaris, Blink and Thunderbird go to Charlotte with the Frost sisters. Dr. Campbell is attending the "Humanity Today" summit there, and the Frosts think this is the best time to strike back at him. Marcos still has his hesitations about working with the sisters, while Johnny loses trust in Clarice after the sisters outed her as a former member of the Brotherhood. They kidnap an anti-mutant billionaire attending the event, and the sisters use their powers to force him to change his security detail to get them and the members of the Underground inside without raising any suspicions. Once inside, Johnny and Marcos ambush Dr. Campbell, but Campbell effectively uses a crowd of children attending the event as a human shield. While Campbell retreats with the children, Sentinel Services agents corner the mutants and open fire. Thunderbird is shot in the back several times to shield Blink from the bullets.


Reed StruckerStephen Moyer
Caitlin StruckerAmy Acker
Eclipse / Marcos DiazSean Teale
Lauren StruckerNatalie Alyn Lynd
Andy StruckerPercy Hynes White
Blink / Clarice FongJamie Chung
Thunderbird / John ProudstarBlair Redford
Polaris / Lorna DaneEmma Dumont
Dr. Roderick CampbellGarret Dillahunt
Campbell's aideAndrew Benator
Frost SistersSkyler Samuels
Director WolcottElliot Grey
FadeJeff Daniel Phillips
SageHayley Lovitt
Sen. Matthew MontezDavid Noroña
Jack CampbellAlex Collins
Ellen StruckerSharon Gless
WongKurt Yue
Insurance agentCristian Gonzalez
Political stragetistCharles Green
Chief of staffAngela Oh
Franklin BennettAndrew Masset

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