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  • Sheila (First appearance)
  • Dominique (First appearance)
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Eclipse wants Thunderbird to train Blink to control her powers so they can be used to break Polaris out of jail. Caitlin, however, wants to ask her brother Danny to use his political connections to help Polaris instead. When the rest of the Underground gets behind Eclipse' plan, Caitlin leaves the compound in secret to get in touch with Danny. Lauren and Andy force her to take them along with her so the family isn't broken up again. Thunderbird finds evidence of the Strucker family's departure the next day when he tries to train Blink, so he and Eclipse leave to find them.

The Strucker family take a cab to Danny's house after Andy uses his powers to steal quarters from parking meters. Danny is surprised with his sister and her kids' sudden appearance, especially given all that has happened since the incident at the school, and is visibly uncomfortable with their presence at his house. Danny insists he cannot use his connections to help Caitlin, but offers to let them stay for the night. Danny's son Scott pressures Andy into showing off his powers by damaging one of his football trophies. Andy accidentally uses his powers on the trophy when Lauren shows him a picture on Instagram of their house covered in graffiti.

Eclipse and Thunderbird find Caitlin at Danny's house the next morning. Before they can leave, a mob forms on the front lawn when a picture of the damaged trophy Scott sent to his friend goes viral. Danny tries to convince the leader of the mob that Caitlin and her children are not at his house, but they assault Danny and demand to go inside. Suddenly, Andy uses his powers to shatter the front door and knock the members of the mob onto their backs. Eclipse holds the mob off as they get back onto their feet so he, Thunderbird, and the Struckers can get into a car. The mob follows them as they drive away from Danny's house. Thunderbird calls headquarters for a way out of this that doesn't end in people getting hurt. Dreamer convinces Blink to open a portal to get them back to headquarters safely, but only after she uses her powers to make Blink believe she is in love with Thunderbird. Once they're safe, Thunderbird confronts Dreamer after he realizes she did something to Blink.

Meanwhile, Reed suggests to Agent Turner that the mutant bartender at the bar where he met Eclipse to discuss their escape to Mexico is connected to the Mutant Underground. The Sentinel Services arrange for Reed to "escape" from them so he can contact the bartender without raising any suspicions. Reed convinces the bartender that he needs his help in finding a place to hide from the Sentinel Services. The bartender takes him to a back room where a mutant mother and daughter are also waiting to be taken to a safe place. That night when they leave, Reed has second thoughts about giving the bartender over to the Sentinel Services. He reveals the Sentinel Service's plan and jumps out of the van to protect them. When Agent Turner finds him on the side of the road, Reed tells him their deal is off. Later, Agent Turner receives a call from Dr. Roderick Campbell, a researcher contracted with the Sentinel Services. Agent Turner refuses to hand custody of the Strucker children over to Dr. Campbell once they are captured in exchange for his help in finding them.

The Underground take Caitlin to meet Danny. He tells her he can confirm Reed is still alive, but also that she needs to prepare to never see her again. Caitlin, determined to reunite her family, tells him he's wrong.


Reed StruckerStephen Moyer
Caitlin StruckerAmy Acker
Eclipse / Marcos DiazSean Teale
Lauren StruckerNatalie Alyn Lynd
Andy StruckerPercy Hynes White
Agent Jace TurnerCoby Bell
Blink / Clarice FongJamie Chung
Thunderbird / John ProudstarBlair Redford
Polaris / Lorna DaneEmma Dumont
Dr. Roderick CampbellGarret Dillahunt
Dreamer / Sonya SimonsonElena Satine
DanielJeff Nordling
SheilaErin Way
ChuckDarren Goldstein
FadeJeff Daniel Phillips
ScottCooper Roth
DominiqueScarlett Blum
SageHayley Lovitt
Guard #1Monique Grant
Another manGlenn Magee
Agent Ed WeeksJoe Nemmers
ShatterJermaine Rivers

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