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-- Otto Strucker

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Synopsis for "threat of eXtinction"

In 1952, mutant twins Andrea and Andreas von Strucker are found by Interpol agents in London. As the agents close in on them, the twins lock hands and unleash their tremendous power.

In the present day, Reed Strucker tells his family of his plans to speak with his father Otto to see what he knows about Trask Industries' work with the Sentinels. Reed asks Thunderbird to take him to his father in Chattanooga, but he first has to help Eclipse and Polaris get a group of refugees to headquarters. One of the refugees, a telepath named Esme, tells Thunderbird that she's getting bad vibes from another of them. Thunderbird finds a Hound tattoo on her wrist, causing her to attack the rest. Eclipse, Polaris and Thunderbird use their mutant abilities together to knock out the Hound and get them all back safely to headquarters.

Reed and Thunderbird leave for Chattanooga, and find Reed's father in his antique shop. Although Otto is at first completely unwilling to speak to his son, he has a change of heart when Reed mentions that Trask Industries is working with the government to oppress mutants. Otto takes Reed upstairs and asks him what Lauren and Andy's powers are. Upon learning his of grandchildren's abilities, Otto breaks down and calls himself a failure. Otto reveals that he is also a mutant, and the son of Andreas von Strucker. He joined Trask Industries to discover a way to suppress the X-gene, but his work's only successful test subject is none other than Reed himself. He wanted Reed's X-gene to be suppressed across generations, but now Lauren and Andy have manifested the same mutant abilities as Andreas and his sister.

Back at headquarters, Polaris makes no progress in getting information out of the Hound they captured earlier. Eclipse recognizes some of her odd tics as signs of withdrawal from a drug called kick. Caitlin gives her a small overdose of the drug, just enough to knock her out. While she's unconscious, the Underground straps her to a table so she's restrained when she wakes up. Once she's conscious, however, the Hound is unable to speak and close to death. Caitlin has Esme read her mind before she dies to learn about what Trask's experiments did to her. Meanwhile, Blink discovers another one of the refugees was at the boarding house she grew up in when Sentinel Services agents stormed it. Despite her feelings for her, Blink asks Dreamer to take away the young girl's memories of the event.

Dr. Campbell and Sentinel Services agents arrive outside Otto Strucker's antiques shop. Thunderbird notices Pulse is among the Sentinels, making an escape impossible. Otto offers to go downstairs and deal with them, but before he goes down he asks Reed to tell his family the truth and to keep the world safe from them. Otto tries to throw Dr. Campbell off Reed's trail, but when he orders his agents to search the shop Otto suddenly activates his mutant abilities even though Pulse should have shut them down. He unleashes a powerful blast as one of the Sentinels shoots him in the chest. Reed and Thunderbird see a seriously-wounded Dr. Campbell return to his car. They hurry downstairs only to find the shop destroyed, Otto dead, and Pulse bleeding out on the ground. Pulse apologizes to his friend with his dying breaths, and Thunderbird promises to get the people who did this to him.


  • Esme may be Esme Cuckoo, a member of the Frost Sisters, due to her mention of missing family members and her telepathic abilities


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Character Actor
Reed Strucker Stephen Moyer
Caitlin Strucker Amy Acker
Eclipse / Marcos Diaz Sean Teale
Lauren Strucker Natalie Alyn Lynd
Andy Strucker Percy Hynes White
Blink / Clarice Fong Jamie Chung
Thunderbird / John Proudstar Blair Redford
Polaris / Lorna Dane Emma Dumont
Dr. Roderick Campbell Garret Dillahunt
Dreamer Elena Satine
Esme Skyler Samuels
Otto Strucker Raymond J. Barry
Pulse (Gus) Zach Roerig
Chloe Tan Michelle Kim
Andreas von Strucker Paul Cooper
Andrea von Strucker Caitlin Mehner
SS officer Stephen Alderfer
Pastor James Dougherty
Norah Liza Fagin
Sage Hayley Lovitt
Hulking mutant Renes Rivera
Shatter Jermaine Rivers
Interpol Officer Ilan Muallem
Young boy Marco Schittone

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