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In 1985, Andreas von Strucker recovers a music box that belonged to his sister from a pawn shop in New Orleans. In the present day, Lauren Strucker has become obsessed with listening to her great-grandfather's music box. One night, while listening to it, she has a vivid dream of Fenris where Andrea - who has similar powers similar to Lauren's - is killed shortly after creating a razor disk with her abilities. Lauren, while asleep, creates this same disk. Lauren's nightmare startles her parents, as well as their neighbors, who call the building's supervisor, himself getting suspicious that he's renting to mutants. The next day, the police surround the building and show up at the Struckers' apartment. While Reed deals with the police, Lauren creates a distraction on the street, using her new ability to slice up a street light, that causes the police to leave. That night, Lauren finds a message in the music box written by Andreas, asking whoever reads it to continue his and his sister's fight. With a renewed sense of purpose, Lauren confronts the building's supervisor, and threatens to come after him if the police are ever called on her family again.

Benedict Ryan tells Jace Turner to make sure the public know the Purifiers are still part of the "solution" before they can deal with the mutants from Atlanta. After organizing various teams to search for mutant fugitives, Turner goes out with a team of his own to search a youth shelter suspected of housing escaped mutants. Two boys reveal themselves to be mutants when they start to run after seeing the Purifiers and their guns. Turner and Ted question the boys separately. While Turner's mutant tries to get under his skin by comparing the Purifiers to other hate groups like the Klan, Ted kills the mutant he is questioning for seemingly no reason. Turner covers for Ted when the cops arrive, coming up with a story about how he "stood his ground" when the boy came at him.

Reeva recruits a team of recently-escaped mutants who Lorna quickly recognizes as the team behind a massacre on a cruise liner. Uncomfortable with the soldiers Reeva is recruiting to her cause, Lorna contacts Marcos so they can together stop Reeva from doing something horrible with this new hit squad. Marcos and Clarice talk to the Morlocks to see if they have any information on Reeva's plans, but Erg can only tell them she frequently meets with someone in secret. Lorna and Marcos stake out the place from Erg's information, and discover Reeva's contact is Benedict Ryan. Meanwhile, Evangeline calls Johnny to tell him she's gathering the remaining heads of the Underground for something big.


Reed StruckerStephen Moyer
Caitlin StruckerAmy Acker
Eclipse / Marcos DiazSean Teale
Lauren StruckerNatalie Alyn Lind
Andy StruckerPercy Hynes White
Jace TurnerCoby Bell
Blink / Clarice FongJamie Chung
Thunderbird / John ProudstarBlair Redford
Polaris / Lorna DaneEmma Dumont
Frost SistersSkyler Samuels
Reeve PaygeGrace Byers
ErgMichael Luwoye
Officer Ted WilsonTom O'Keefe
Paula TurnerFrances Turner
Evangeline WhedonErinn Ruth
MaxJames Carpinello
GlowLaysla de Oliveira
Andreas von StruckerCarsten Norgaard
Benedict RyanPeter Gallager
RahulChristian Gabriel Anderson
Andrea von StruckerJulia Farino
DetectiveNicci T. Carr
ShopkeeperMarc Farley
TicoTyshon Freeman
Art RaelWayne Hughes
AdministratorJon Levine
Officer #1Dave MacDonald
HeatherChelle Ramos
LeroyTyler Galpin

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