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  • Morlocks
    • Erg (Leo) (Main story and flashback) (First name revealed)
    • Glow
    • Mason (First appearance)
    • Ray (First appearance)
    • Alexander (First appearance)


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Six years ago, Erg and the young Mutant Underground are betrayed by Pam, a non-mutant woman Erg has a relationship with, after she was arrested by the Sentinel Services, leaving Erg with a deep distrust of humans. In the present day, Glow is seriously wounded during a supply run with a group of Morlocks that includes Blink. When they return to the tunnels, Blink is afraid Glow will die if they don't get her to a hospital. Erg, however, is afraid that she'll be arrested in a hospital, and will inevitably betray them to the Sentinels. Unable to get her to a hospital, Blink brings Caitlin and Marcos into the tunnels hoping her nursing experience and his light-emitting blood - similar to Glow's - can help Glow. Erg is outraged that Blink would bring a human into the tunnels. While Marcos donates blood, Caitlin, Blink and Erg go to the abandoned clinic to pick up medical supplies. Suddenly, the clinic is attacked by a couple of Purifiers. Erg easily takes care of them, and Blink takes them all back to the tunnels. Caitlin stabilizes Glow's condition, and Erg draws an "M" with mud from the tunnels on Caitlin's face before she leaves, signifying she is welcome among them.

Reed grows increasingly concerned for Lauren as she becomes obsessed with the music box. Furthermore, she is avoiding sleep so she doesn't run into Andy in her dreams. When she eventually does fall asleep, however, Andy - with help from the Frost sisters - convinces Lauren to meet him on the same rooftop they've been meeting in in their dreams so they can be together again and become Fenris. Lauren leaves to find Andy, causing Reed and Johnny to chase after her. When they catch up to her, Reed convinces his daughter to come back when he admits he, too, has felt the music box's power. That night, Reed gives Lauren some of his medicine to suppress her powers, cutting off her connection to Andy.

At the Inner Circle's headquarters, Lorna breaks into Max's to find some clue about Reeva's plans. She warns Marcos that she found plans for various government buildings - including the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Pentaogn - in Max's room. Later, Max confronts his team and Lorna after discovering someone went through his things. Although Lorna tries to lay low, Max soon realizes it was her who broke into his room. That night, Marcos ambushes Max in his car after he leaves a liquor store. Max, however, brought a gun with him, and shoots Marcos. After a brief fight, Marcos stumbles out of the car before it explodes with Max's body still inside.


Reed StruckerStephen Moyer
Caitlin StruckerAmy Acker
Eclipse / Marcos DiazSean Teale
Lauren StruckerNatalie Alyn Lind
Andy StruckerPercy Hynes White
Blink / Clarice FongJamie Chung
Thunderbird / John ProudstarBlair Redford
Polaris / Lorna DaneEmma Dumont
Frost SistersSkyler Samuels
Erg / LeoMichael Luwoye
MaxJames Carpinello
GlowLaysla de Oliveira
SageHayley Lovitt
PamOlivia Grace Applegate
RayChase Steven Anderson
MotherAthena Bitzis
GinaKaren Cessay
AlexanderDavid Chin
S.S. AgentDavid E. Collier
MasonJordan M. Cox
TicoTyson Freeman
Mutant fatherJ Michael Grey
HeatherChelle Ramos
Teenaged daughterKat Conner Sterling
Benedict RyanPeter Gallagher

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