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Synopsis for "the dreaM"

Anti-mutant riots break out across the country as news spreads of the massacre at Creed Financial. Rebecca bails from the getaway car once she realizes just how much the rest of the Inner Circle disagrees with what she did at the bank. Johnny and Clarice try to track down the Inner Circle after the attack, but soon end up on Rebecca's trail after finding the body of one of her victims. When they catch up to her, Rebecca tells them the Inner Circle was looking for files on something called "Regimen" before they let her go.

Due to the riots, Lorna feels her daughter is no longer safe around her. Esme finds a school in the Swiss Alps where she thinks Dawn will be safe. Lorna takes Dawn to Marcos before she's separated from them. Marcos, however, is angry that Lorna would take their daughter away from them because of problems she caused, and accuses her of turning into her father. Lorna's feelings for her father are seen in flashbacks. Seven months ago, she and Marcos talk about the life they want to provide their child, neither of them wanting to raise her like their fathers raised them. As a teenager, Lorna was a lonely, bipolar girl living with her aunt in a small town in Missouri. She mysteriously receives a package from her father containing a small, metallic plate fashioned into the letter "M".

The Struckers head to Charlotte State University to find Dr. Madeline Garber, who was once Otto Strucker's former lab assistant. Madeline recognizes Reed immediately, and takes him to her laboratory where they can begin on finding a way to help him. She shows the Struckers her work towards suppressing the X-gene in people whose mutations are more of a curse. Madeline thinks she can use Lauren's X-gene to better understand Reed's and find a cure for his condition. As her assistant, Noah, draws more blood from Lauren, he reveals that Dr. Garber could use Lauren's X-gene to permanently suppress the X-gene in all mutants and end the violence coming from people like her brother Matthew Risman, the founder of the Purifiers.

Lorna leaves her daughter with the aunt who raised her, believing she would be just as safe there. She realizes her father left her with her aunt to keep her safe. Later, Lorna fashions the metal plate her father left her into a green headband. Johnny discovers "Regimen" is the name of a tech company in Washington. Fade captures Rebecca and brings her back to the Inner Circle.


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Character Actor
Reed Strucker Stephen Moyer
Caitlin Strucker Amy Acker
Eclipse / Marcos Diaz Sean Teale
Lauren Strucker Natalie Alyn Lind
Andy Strucker Percy Hynes White
Blink / Clarice Fong Jamie Chung
Thunderbird / John Proudstar Blair Redford
Polaris / Lorna Dane Emma Dumont
Susanna Skaggs (young)
Esme Frost Skyler Samuels
Dr. Madeline Garber Kate Burton
Twist / Rebecca Hoover Anjelica Bette Fellini
Aunt Dane Kathryn Erbe
Noah Ken Kirby
Security guard Dayo Abanikanda
News broadcaster #1 Michelle Davidson
Sage Hayley Lovitt
Shawna Lily D Moore
Protestor #1 Jeff Pearson
Fade Jeff Daniel Phillips
Bulk Renes Rivera
Protestor #2 Zachary Rogers
News broadcaster #2 Paul Ryden
Spark Girl Imani Vaughn-Jones
Max Sean Michael Weber

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