The Heavy was shown employing a Mexican drug cartel that the Punisher traveled south of the border to eliminate. The Heavy developed a plan to demoralize Frank shortly after the 30th anniversary of his family's murder by making him think he shot and killed a little girl. Frank saw through the scheme after performing an impromptu autopsy and during a raid on the cartel's base Frank and The Heavy engaged in a fight that resulted in The Heavy falling through a broken window and onto a passing freight train which is presumed to have killed him.[2]


Skilled with many different types of weapons as well as the manufacture of narcotics as well as being knowledgeable about smuggling.


Extreme vanity and self consciousness about his ruined face to the point where he wears a gas mask almost continuously even when not necessary.[1]

  • The names Jigsaw and Billy Russo are never uttered in the story arc in which he appears by a character but he is identified as such in the recap page of Punisher Vol 7 #65 which also uses the name 'Jigsaw' as its title, along with his scarred face, knowledge of Frank Castle and Castle's reaction to him his identity is made clear.[2]
  • He presumably had a somewhat similar life to his Earth-616 counterpart Billy Russo 'Jigsaw' as his face was scarred in the same manner and he had a personal history with the Punisher and knew how he worked, thought and reacted which he stated multiple times.[2]
  • In the Earth-200111 universe 'The Heavy' is an alias that Frank Castle was shown to be familiar with in relation to Russo.[1]

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