"Return of the Beast Part 2"

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"Return of the Beast Part 2"

Quote1 Say, where'd you pick up the bug-eyed fanclub, Trekker convention? Quote2
-- Rick Jones

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Synopsis for "Return of the Beast Part 2"

Using the Omega Laser, General Thunderbolt Ross hits the Hulk three times. The shots hurt the Hulk, but he stands up, and faces the army. Betty begs the Hulk to leave and look refuge. Betty convinces the Hulk, who leaps away. But helicopters follow him and fire a missile, which hits the Hulk hard on the chest. The explosion and Hulk's fall create a big crater. Unexpectedly, a group of large rare-looking beings appear from the surrounding desert to attack the helicopters. The choppers retreat. The creatures approach the Hulk, who is glad to have found new friends. Hulk follows the creatures to a cave. At the following morning, we see Betty Ross driving through the desert, trying to find Bruce. But her vehicle runs out of gas. Rick Jones, who was going to Gamma Base in his motorcycle, finds Betty and gives her a hand. Suddenly, a gigantic scorpion comes out of nowhere and grabs them.

Defences, both are taken inside a cavern where they see: Bruce Banner! The creature releases Betty and Rick, and Banner explains them that the creatures were desert animals that were affected by the same Gamma rays that bathed Banner during the G-bomb test, making them larger, stronger, and smarter. The creatures identify with Banner, considering him, and the Hulk, like family. Banner calls these creatures the Outcasts. Meanwhile, robotic bugs created by the Leader locate Banner. The mad genius sends his pawn, the Abomination, to kidnap Banner. When he reaches the cave, the Abomination slams the ground, and rocks start falling from the cave's roof; one hits Banner on the head. The Abomination grabs the unconscious Banner and, as he leaves the cave, an avalanche of rocks covers the entrance. Betty, Rick, and the Outcasts are left trapped in the cave. The Abomination brings Banner to a secret lab in the desert, operated by the Leader. Banner is locked inside a capsule which can siphon the Hulk's Gamma power, and transmit it to a target. The Leader wants to become the brightest AND strongest being on Earth, to be totally unstoppable. So he connects the proper wires to his wrists, and orders the Gargoyle to give small electric shocks to Banner to trigger the transformation.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, General Thunderbolt Ross convinces the Pentagon that the Hulk must be stopped at any cost. So the Pentagon creates a group of Hulk Busters. Back at the New Mexico desert, Betty, Rick, and the Outcasts are finally able to get out of the cave, and follow the Abomination's until the Leader's base. The Leader summons robots to defend the lab, and Bruce looses control and turns into the Hulk. The capsule begins to siphon the Hulk's power, and the Leader's physique begins to grow to hulk like proportions. When the villain seems victorious, Betty asks the Hulk to resist. The Hulk gets very mad, which makes him become stronger, and recover all the power he had lost, depleting the Leader from all traces of it. Hulk breaks free from the capsule and attacks the Abomination. In the confusion, the Gargoyle decides to leave, grabbing several disks from the Leader's computer, which contain information that will allow him to become human again. Since Hulk is mad (thus stronger), he easily defeats the Abomination. Then, Hulk starts destroying equipment in the lab, which unleashes a series of explosions that threatens the entire base. As the Outcasts leave, Hulk grabs Betty and Rick and leaps to safety. A big blast destroys the base, while the Leader and the Abomination were presumably still inside. When problems seemed over, the Hulk sees helicopters coming their way. Feeling sad, Hulk decides to flee and leave Betty, Rick, and his new friends behind. But Betty tells him that everything is going be OK, and kisses him on the cheek. Hulk leaps away before the Armed Forces, commanded by Betty's father, General Thunderbolt Ross, arrive at the spot.


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