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-- Zzzax (Mitch McCutcheon)

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General Ross starts training his new Hulkbusters using Hulk robots to help simulate an actual battle with the real Hulk when Gabriel of S.H.I.E.L.D. shows up to join the team under orders from Nick Fury. In the desert a man by the name of Mitch is driving along when he drives right into a battle with the Hulk and some of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s robots. Hulk thinking he is an enemy picks up his car and is ready to destroy him but lets him go instead. Mitch then goes to work and tells of his encounter but no one believes him and ridicules him. Back in the desert Hulk smashes all the robots and heads towards the plant where Mitch works. Mitch sees him and goes outside looking for him. He finds the Hulk and again the Hulk thinks he is an enemy but spares him and Mitch is shocked to learn that the Hulk is really Banner. Banner explains his situation and the two head back to the plant to work on his cure together. Back at the army base General Ross is preparing his Hulkbusters to find and destroy the Hulk along with its two newest members Gabriel and Doc Samson.

At the plant Mitch sneaks Banner inside hiding him in a steel drum and they set up the experiment to cure Banner. But get interrupted and the experiment goes wrong. Mitch gets caught in an electric field and becomes an electric being called Zzzax. Zzzax then destroys the plant out of hatred for his job and absorbs energy from the generator to recharge his powers. Banner fearing that the generator might now explode and do some serious damage Hulks out and fights with Zzzax. After using up his powers to fight Hulk, Zzzax has to recharge himself and heads to the dam. The Hulkbusters then show up and trap Hulk in an energy cage but he still manages to break out. Betty asks Hulk to stop before Zzzax destroys the dam and causes a flood which will destroy nearby towns. Hulk heads towards the dam and fights Zzzax and tackles him into the river causing him to become Mitch again. Then Hulk pulls Mitch out of the water and leaps away to avoid another confrontation with the Hulkbusters.


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Incredible Hulk - 1x03 - Raw Power

Incredible Hulk - 1x03 - Raw Power

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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