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-- Rick Jones

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Synopsis for "Innocent Blood"

Bruce rests in a soup kitchen or convent recording his recent events. Such as becoming the Hulk and trying to get rid of his transformation. He remembers how General Thunderbolt Ross and Glenn attacked him in the episode "The Return of the Beast" and he begins to get mad; until one of the nuns come over and comfort him. All of a sudden a pipe breaks and a fire starts, as Bruce hears the sister scream. He rushes to help her, but ends up injured himself. He becomes furious and transforms into Hulk, but a mysterious man saves her from the burning flames. Later fire fighters and ambulance have arrived and are taking the nun to the hospital, as she reveals her savoir wasn't burnt by the flames. Meanwhile Rick is riding his motorcycle into the city and asks what happened to the damaged city. A fire-fighter reveals it was the Hulk and Rick rides off to find his friend and possibly stop him. Meanwhile Hulk is jumping or running around and the Leader uses one of his small bug cameras to spy on the Hulk. Meanwhile Rick is on a bridge, until he sees a man on fire in his opposite direction. He learns it smells like sulphur and follows the man. He discovers that the man on the bike is the legendary Ghost Rider who has arrived to take out vengeance on the Hulk. Rick tries stopping him, but eventually fails.

Meanwhile at Gamma Base, Betty and Doc Samson are studying Bruce's blood cells and wondering how he survived the amounts of radiation. Soon Betty learns that her father is ordering a attack on the Hulk and demands that Thunderbolt Ross does not do it. He agrees, but secretly tells Glenn Talbot to take the Nuclear Tranquillizer Ray and subdue the Hulk. Meanwhile back in the city, Ghost Rider finds Hulk who was calmed down and turned into Bruce; once he saw a picture of a woman that reminded him of Betty. Ghost Rider attacks Bruce and he is turned into the Hulk once again. Meanwhile Betty and Doc learn of Talbot going to attack Hulk and hurry to stop him. Back at the battle a struggle begins, with the Hulk seemingly winning; until Talbot arrives and shoots the Hulk with the ray. Hulk begins to become weakened and eventually turns back into Bruce. Rick arrives and tries stopping Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider learns that Rick isn't harmed by the flames on Ghost Rider's bike and learns he is a truly genuine person.

Betty and Doc arrive and reveal that if Bruce calms down and doesn't burn out the ray, he will die. Meanwhile the Leader and Gargoyle continue spying on Hulk, with Leader ordering Gargoyle around. Back at the scene, the group tries to figure out a way to have the Hulk burn some heavy octane. First Rick pretends he is being attacked so Hulk can break out of the rubble he's been buried in. Ghost Rider and Doc Samson then attack Hulk, causing him to go gamma crazy; but it still isn't enough. Betty and Rick then deliver the ultimate blow by saying that they don't love Hulk and he's ruined their lives. Hulk goes super mad and crazy and begins destroying everything. Meanwhile Ghost Rider goes to Talbot and makes him see the error of his ways. Hulk then declares that no one cares about him, not even Betty. They try convincing him it was all a ruse to help Bruce survive, but Hulk doesn't believe them and runs off. Hulk appears on a roof, with one of the Leader's small bugs spying on him. Hulk smashes it and reveals that he has no friends.


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