Quote1 That posturing corn-fed commoner is calling my bluff, eh? Quote2
-- Doctor Doom

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  • Jennifer Walters' car
  • Dr. Doom's jet

Synopsis for "Doomed"

Bruce Banner travels to Washington D.C. and is attacked by robots and then General Ross and the Hulkbusters. The robots then save Banner from the Hulkbusters because they want him. Banner then Hulks out and destroy the Hulkbusters and escapes. After turning back to Banner he then visits Jennifer Walters, his cousin, at her apartment. The robots then attack Banner and Jennifer and they escape in her car but Banner Hulks out while being chased by the robots. The car then crashes because Hulk can't drive and the robots attack again but Hulk destroys them. More robots show up and Jennifer gets hurt and the robots take her on a large aircraft. Hulk then follows it to the castle of Dr. Doom. Meanwhile the Leader and Gargoyle are watching from surveillance cameras.

Back at the castle Hulk breaks in and finds that Doom is holding a dying Jennifer prisoner with bombs. Hulk then turns back to Banner since he can't do anything and givers her some of his blood to save her. Doom then puts a force field around the castle so the army can't get in. Doom then brainwashes Hulk and unleashes him on Washington destroying the army and the city. Back at the castle, Banner's Gamma-altered blood in Jennifer soon takes effect, causing her to turn into a "She-Hulk", thougth still retaining her mind. She-Hulk then escapes and fights Doom's robots, before un-brainwashing Hulk. Hulk then returns to the castle because Doom has hurt She-Hulk and they defeat the robots and Doom, who escapes. The next day, Banner and She-Hulk then leave for New York. Meanwhile at the Leader's base he begins to clone an army of Hulk mutants called Gamma Warriors.


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  • Last program aired on Toon Disney, as part of its Jetix block.

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Incredible Hulk - 1x07 - Doomed

Incredible Hulk - 1x07 - Doomed

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