Quote1.png A grey Hulk? Now there's a shade I can relate to! Quote2.png
-- Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov)

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Synopsis for "Hulk Of A Different Color"

The Nutrient Bath experiment has turned the gamma-irradiated Rick Jones into a teen Hulk. General Ross goes out looking for Hulk but is shocked to find the new Grey Hulk. He attacks Hulk anyway regardless of his new personality and shoots the rocks and causes an avalanche which forces the Grey Hulk to save Ross. Ross still ended up hurt and Hulk turned back into Banner and the military found Ross unconscious and blamed Banner. She Hulk defended Banner in his trial and tried to use the defence that it wasn't Banner who hurt Ross but the Hulk and that they were one in the same.

But the prosecutors played a live video feed of a Hulk roaming the desert, which was in fact the Rick Jones Hulk, claiming that Banner couldn't be the Hulk because the Hulk was out there in the desert. Then Gargoyle and Leader, who was now back to being human and less intelligent, interrupted the trial and kidnapped Banner. Banner becomes the Grey Hulk and the Leader offers to take Banner out of Hulk if he brings him the Rick Jones Hulk. Grey Hulk agrees to the plan and gets Rick Jones Hulk back to the Leader's base. The Leader drains the Rick Jones Hulk's powers to become the Leader again and then double crosses the Grey Hulk and tries to drain his power too to become strong as well as intelligent. She Hulk shows up though and stops the transfer and the Leader releases the gamma warriors to attack. Grey Hulk is so angry though that he becomes the green Hulk and destroys the Leader's base and defeats the gamma warriors. Back at the trial Betty finds the video footage of Ross and the Grey Hulk and proves Banner's innocence. Then Banner and She Hulk leave town.


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  • Final appearance of Rick Jones, as well as his only appearance in the second season.

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