Quote1 I can't buy fuel with my good looks alone. Quote2
-- Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov)

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  • Leader's robot drones


  • Leaders' Craft

Synopsis for "Fashion Warriors"

The She-Hulk is invited to model in a beneficiary Miami fashion show and Bruce Banner reluctantly goes with her. Yet Bruce ignores that Betty Ross will also model! Meanwhile, the Leader and his Gamma Warriors that includes the Abomination, Gargoyle and Ogress, show up to take the celebrities hostage in exchange for a 100 million dollar ransom. The villains get the upper hand by knocking the Hulk out using sleeping gas. But then, the "Fashion Warriors" (the She-Hulk, Betty and the other models) slowly but surely spoil the Leader plans until there's no choice but to escape. Hulk wakes up and is no match for the Gamma monsters. But he and the She-Hulk must let him escape in a flying submarine, to save the hostages from a ticking time bomb.

The Leader's ship runs out of gas and sinks to the sea floor. The Leader demands the Gargoyle for an explanation. The Gargoyle says that they are broke, have no money, not even to buy gas. "I can't buy fuel with my good looks alone!" to what the Ogress replied "I could do that."


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Lou Ferrigno is mentioned by name when an animated version of him appears on the red carpet at the Fashion Show. Several other voice actors can also be recognized, including Cree Summer, Luke Perry and briefly Matt Frewer, Mark Hamill and Kathy Ireland, though none of them have any lines.

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