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  • Rance Delancey (Only appearance)[1]

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  • Space Shuttle


At the beach where She-Hulk beats a bunch of guys in beach volleyball. Then Banner is in a laboratory working on an invention that fires a laser that can repel objects because Banner and some other scientists are trying to stop an asteroid that is headed toward Earth. All of a sudden Dr. Doom and his robot soldiers attack the lab and knock out all the scientists including Banner. While unconscious Banner's mind is waging a war of its own as green Hulk and grey Hulk are fighting to see which Hulk Banner will turn into when he finally wakes up. The green Hulk wins and Banner wakes up and becomes the green Hulk. Then he destroys the robots and gets Dr. Doom to escape but not before an explosion goes off that Doom set. Hulk of course survives and escapes. She-Hulk is around the town when she sees an old lady about to be run over by an oil tanker truck so she grabs the truck from behind and prevents the truck from moving forward. She then realizes that it was all part of a stunt in a movie they were shooting. The director who was impressed by what he saw casts her in his movie and she starts filming.

During one scene where she flies a hang-glider she spots Hulk sitting on the Hollywood sign in the mountains and says hi. When she lands in an empty lot she gets ambushed by Dr. Doom and more of his robots and Dr. Doom reveals that the movie was a setup to capture She-Hulk and Hulk. A nearby Hulk comes to her rescue but they are both knocked unconscious by some stun rays and kidnapped. While tied up in a lab Dr. Doom reveals his plan to She-Hulk how he is going to hold the world hostage by using the same repelling laser Banner created to make asteroids land where he wanted them to. Doom reversed the machine so that it no longer repelled objects but attracted them. A still unconscious Hulk gets shot into outer space in a space pod and crashes into a nearby asteroid. Doom then uses the machine to send that asteroid into the sun to destroy the Hulk. Hulk wakes up and breaks out of the pod and starts leaping his way back towards earth on asteroids that are also headed toward the sun but were behind his asteroid. Back at the lab She-Hulk breaks free and fights off the robots and Dr. Doom who escapes again. She-Hulk and the other scientists in the lab try and use the machine to attract the asteroid Hulk is on back to earth but he is still too far so they wait until he leaps close enough before using the machine. Hulk's asteroid then crashes into the ocean where Hulk turns back into Banner and She-Hulk pulls him out. Spotted by the director She-Hulk worked for earlier he begs her to do another movie but she takes his script and shoves it in his mouth.


  • She-Hulk makes her mark in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre below the star of producer Danny Sarnoff.
  • According to She-Hulk, Collossal Pictures's Rance DeLancey directed Queen Kong (a reference to King Kong), Castablanket (Casablanca) and "that shark flick" Gone with the Fin (Gone with the Wind, and probably also Jaws).
  • The movie She-Hulk was starring in (Greena, Warrior Princess) is a reference to the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess.

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