Quote1 Welcome to our valley. I am Tong-Zing, the monarch of Inavrin. Quote2
-- King Tong-Zing

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  • Medallion of Inavrin

Synopsis for "The Lost Village"

A Chinese man carrying one-half of a medallion being attacked by a band of ninjas. Banner and Betty are walking nearby when they hear the cries for help and run to the rescue. Banner gets hurt leaving Betty surrounded by the ninjas which angers Banner into becoming the Hulk. Hulk stops the ninjas and they flee. When Hulk and Betty check on the man he gives Hulk the medallion and it instantly turns Hulk back into Banner. The man then tells Banner to give the medallion to his twin brother in China and disappears into thin air. Out of curiosity Banner, Betty, and She-Hulk research the medallion because Banner hopes it may be the cure he's looking for to finally control the Hulk. They all decide to go to China to return the medallion to the brother of the man. They find the brother in a little shop and Banner goes inside to give it to him only to be attacked by Lord Scimitar and his band of ninjas. Banner gets angry and Hulks out only to find that Lord Scimitar is too powerful (something that rarely happens). None of Hulk's attacks have any effect on him and Lord Scimitar throws Hulk down a well. He then steals the medallion and flees with his band of ninjas. The brother then reveals that he switched the medallion with a fake before Lord Scimitar stole it.

Hulk, Betty, the brother, and She-Hulk then search in the mountains for a secret village called Inavrin which is what the medallion is used for, a type of key to it. While hiking in the mountains Lord scimitar and his gang then ambush the Hulk, Betty, She-Hulk, and the brother throwing them over the cliffs and stealing the medallion. Once they fall to the bottom they find an underground temple and a portal opens up with people from Inavrin welcoming them inside. The king of Inavrin welcomes them and calms the Hulk into Banner while healing Betty and the brother from their injuries from the fall. The king, who is father to the twin brothers, then reveals that Scimitar is his son also and explains why he was banished from Inavrin. Lord Scimitar then enters Inavrin and attacks with his band of ninjas trying to overthrow his father. Banner then becomes the Hulk because he knows the only hope they have is if he Hulks out and stops Lord Scimitar. Hulk then defeats Scimitar and knocks him so far away it is unknown where he actually landed or if he even did. Banner, Betty, and She-Hulk then return home.


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