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Somewhere, in Baja, New Mexico, David is living in the woods, alone, and keeping a record of the time since he last became the Hulk. David believes that he has finally found peace by being alone, and that if he isolates himself from the rest of the world, then Hulk will never be released again.

Meanwhile, in a town not too far from David's home, Jack McGee is hot on the Hulk's trail, paying a man named Ramon for information and cab fair. McGee is also looking for a missing doctor, Gail Collins. Gail Collins, who is also in Baja, Mexico, jumps on a bus leaving town. McGee and Ramon miss the bus, and drive after it. McGee and Ramon pull up in front of the bus, stopping it. McGee asks about Collins, but Collins slips out the back and runs into the woods, unseen by everyone. While wandering through the woods, she stumbles upon David's cabin, and walks in. David returns, ad finds Gail, who tells him that she injured her knee while exploring in the woods. David fixes her up so she can walk on her leg again, but she says that she still hasn't recovered enough to hike out of the woods. David remembers her face from a magazine cover, and asks her about it. She says that it is her, the famous Dr. Gail Collins, and she asks about him. David tells her that his name is David Bailey. Meanwhile, one Frank Malone tells his son, Joey, that Gail Collins is in Baja, and that they should go. Joey doesn't want to go, but Frank decides to go anyway. Joey goes with him.

David and Gail continue living in the woods together, with Gail on the mend. That night however, a massive storm hits the woods, and David and Gail hole up in his cabin. The force of the wind and rain causes the roof to collapse, knocking Gail out and crushing David. David, hurt and enraged, becomes the Hulk. Hulk tosses the debris out of the cabin, and pulls Gail out from the rubble. He props her up against the wall, but she wakes up and screams, horrified at him. As she yells for David, Hulk flees into the night. The next morning, Hulk is still wandering through the woods. He pets a rabbit, and finally sits down on a log, and turns back into David Banner. David returns to the cabin, where he finds the stunned Gail. David says that he blacked out during the storm, and she believes him. Gail then shares her story with David. She was once a respected doctor, and a hard worker. She tried to help Frank Malone, who's daughter, Cindy, needed an operation. The operation would be a very big risk, and could kill her. Frank didn't want to do it, but Gail said that she'd die without it. A very reluctant Frank finally gave in, and they operated on Cindy. Cindy died during the operation, and Frank held Gail directly responsible. Gail, afraid that Frank would bring the police down on her, fled, and has been on the run ever since. She breaks down and starts crying, and David hugs her.

Meanwhile, Frank, Joey, Jack McGee, and Ramon drive into the woods in search of Gail, Jack more hoping to find the Hulk. One of their vehicles gets stuck in the mud, and Frank drives on without the others. Gail hears a vehicle coming, and walks onto the road to see who it is. She and Frank see each other, and she begins running while he drives after her. David runs after them, but his foot gets caught in a bear trap. As Gail continues to flee, David loses control, and the stress and pain of being caught in the bear trap unleash the Hulk. Frank chases Gail into a lake. As she tries to run, he gets out of the car and points a gun at her. As he prepares to fire, Hulk runs up and grabs the gun out of Frank's hand, and crushes it. He then grabs Frank and throws him into the water. Joey drives in on the other jeep, with Ramon and Jack in the back. Hulk rips a tire off of Frank's jeep and throws it at Joey's jeep. The tire hits the jeep, and Joey's throat gets crushed against the steering wheel. As Jack tries to help Joey, Frank gets in his jeep and attempts to drive out of there. Hulk grabs the back of the truck, and overturns it into the water. Frank dives out just in time, and the truck crashes into the lake. As the Hulk flees, Gail and Frank rush over to help Ramon. Together, they all drive away to the nearest hospital to get Joey medical attention. As they leave, David, who has returned to his human state, watches on from the bushes.

Later, David packs up and leaves his cabin, not being able to live even in isolation because of the power and savagery of the Hulk.


Production Notes

  • David transforms into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.

Continuity Notes

  • In this episode, David keeps a written record of the time since his last transformation, 32 days.


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