Quote1 I the Hulk. Quote2
-- Harold Milburn

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Synopsis for "The Confession"

David Banner is inside a computer building at night, using one of the master computers. David is using the computer to try to control his anger. He's giving the computer his heat rate and blood pressure. But the strain of it starts to take its toll on David. Meanwhile, one Harold Milburn checks in with the guard downstairs, and goes into the building to work late. As Harold makes his way to the room where David is, the stress of the situation causes David to become the Hulk. The Hulk crashes around the room, smashing up all the computes and equipment. Harold walks in, and sees Hulk tearing everything apart. Harold hides, and watches as Hulk leaves the room. Harold follows Hulk, who crashes through several doors and windows while running through the building. Hulk finally leaves, and runs outside. He runs into a bowling alley,, where he scares away everyone, except for an old man who has turned off his hearing aid to concentrate on getting a strike. Hulk approaches him from behind, and watches as the man rolls a gutter ball. Hulk picks up a bowling ball, and rolls it at the pins. It destroys all the pins, breaks through the wall, and bounces outside. The man turns around and sees Hulk, and flees. Hulk leaves, but Harold doesn't follow him.

The next day, at the National Register, Jack McGee gets assigned a partner, Pamela Norris, who will be his apprentice, and working with him on his stories. Harold enters the building, and asks to talk with them. They ask him what this is about, and he tells them that he's the Hulk. He says that he has proof, but Jack doesn't believe him. Pamela says that they should check out his story, but Jack says that he spent a week with the man who becomes the Hulk, and that this man isn't him and that the story isn't worth the time. Pamela decides to check it out anyway. She goes to Harold's house, and converses with him for a while. Meanwhile, Jack goes to the building where David was the previous night. After asking a few questions, he starts looking around. Pamela shows up, and she and Jack get into an argument over the story. Later, at the Register, Pamela tells Jack that she ran his story, but that she changed the story and that it says that Harold is the Hulk. Meanwhile, David calls Harold, and asks Harold if he witnessed the transformation from "the man" to Hulk. Harold tells him to meet him somewhere the next day, and David hangs up.

The next day, David meets Harold at the chosen location, a bell tower. Harold is up on the balcony of the tower, sitting on a ledge. David goes up and talks to Harold, and then he starts asking Harold some questions. Below, Pamela begins climbing the stairs of the tower, and David hides. Pamela goes up, but Harold threatens to jump. Pamela tries to help Harold, but the bell starts clanging. Suddenly, Harold falls off of the ledge, and clings to the side of the tower. As Pamela tries to help him, David clutches his ears as the ringing gets louder. With everything going wrong around him, David transforms into the Hulk out of stress and anger. The Hulk runs up and scoops up Harold, and jumps off of the tower onto the boardwalk below. Inside the tower, Jack McGee and a host of reporters and policemen climb the stairs. Jack sees Hulk through a window, carrying Harold on the boardwalk. Jack yells to everyone to go back down the stairs. Outside, Hulk leaps off of the boardwalk to the ground below. Jack runs out onto the boardwalk, and tries to climb down on the ladder, but before he can reach it, Hulk rips the ladder off of the wall from the ground. Hulk sets Harold down and runs. The police throw a net down onto the Hulk from the boardwalk, but Hulk avoids it, and flees.

Later, with everything back to normal, David skips town.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.


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