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Synopsis for "Rainbow's End"

Under the alias of David Bishop, David Banner gets a job at a stable, where he cleans horses and their stables, and gets them ready for the races. While there, he meets Kim Kelly, Lawrence Henry Caroll, and Thomas Logan, an Indian. One day, Mr. Caroll invites everyone to his house for a party, including David. While everyone is inside, Kim's father, Jimmy Kelly, torches the stables, and David notices the blaze and runs outside, and he tries to save the animals, especially the prize horse, Rainbow's End. But a loose rafter falls on David during the fire, turning him into the Hulk. David saves Rainbow's End, but Thomas Logan finds him, and watches as he reverts back to David Banner. Logan brews up a special drink for David, which will supposedly cure David of the Hulk, and David drinks it. During the night, David has flashbacks of himself and Carolyn Fields.

The next day, everyone gets ready for the big horse race. David sees Jack McGee in the crowd, and tries not to be seen. David uses his binoculars, and sees Jimmy Kelly on the stable roof with a gun, aimed at Rainbow's End. The race begins, David trying to stop Jimmy - Rainbow's End trying to reach the finish line first. While making his way through the crowd, David trips, gets kicked on accident, and gets a drink spilled on him, and he gets trampled by the crowd. This awakens the Hulk, and the crowd starts panicking. Hulk bounds through the visitor center, and gets to the roof, where he assaults Jimmy. Hulk knocks the man down, and tosses his gun off the roof. Before Hulk can do anything else, a security guard that the Hulk had passed downstairs comes up on the roof, and the Hulk jumps off of the roof. As the guard and Jimmy look on, Hulk runs through the parking lot, and leaves.

Later, as David, he says his goodbyes, and leaves, disheartened that Logan's potion didn't work.


  • David transforms into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.
  • Thomas Logan is the second person in the series to learn that David is the Hulk.


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