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Inside the National Register building, Jack McGee's boss tells him to cancel the Hulk articles he writes until he can come up with some new evidence. Meanwhile, David is working at his new job inside the new restaurant, Bruno's. The restaurant is owned by two women, Karen Weiss and Jill Norton. David washes dishes, while the women manage the place, and Fred the chef cooks the food.

While in the kitchen, David and Fred hear something, and find a fire going on out back. While they try to put it out, local shady, National Register reporter Joe Arnold sneaks inside the restaurant with his friend, Charlie. Joe apparently plants evidence in restaurants that violate health laws, and then he writes convincing editorials about them, which then gets them shut down by the Health Department. Inside the restaurant, Joe and Charlie dump a bag of garbage on the kitchen counter and start taking pictures of it. David and Fred come back inside, to find the two reporters. Joe starts snapping pictures of David and the garbage again, and he and Charlie run outside and leave. David is now faced with the predicament of pictures of him going in the paper, when he's believed to be dead.

At the National Register, An employee of the Health Department approaches Joe, and tells him that if he can bust Bruno's for something bigger than garbage, like cockroaches in the kitchen, that's when the Health Department gets involved, and that until then, he shouldn't quote them on anything. Later, Karen, Jill, and Fred leave to go pick up some groceries, and David is working alone at the restaurant. Outside, Joe and Charlie are in their with a jar full of live cockroaches. They enter the restaurant, and open the jar. While they let the roaches loose in the kitchen, David grabs one of their cameras off of the counter behind them, and starts snapping photos of them. They see David, and Charlie grabs him and puts him in a headlock. Before David can free himself, Charlie throws David under a table, and he and Joe continue taking photos of the roaches. Under the table, David "Hulks-Out". The Hulk crashes up through the table, to the two men's great surprise. They make a run for it, but Hulk pushes a freezer in front of them, blocking their path. Hulk grabs Charlie, and throws him through the front window. Charlie smashes through the window, and lands right in front of Karen, Jill, and Fred, who had just gotten back from the store. Hulk crashes through the front door, to the astonishment, of the women and Fred. Charlie and Joe flee the scene, as does the Hulk.

Later, Joe confronts Jack McGee after Jack claimed Joe's photos of the Hulk. Jack chastises Joe for not caring about who he hurts in his journalism, and Joe blows him off. Later, Jack gets a tranquilizer gun from an animal handler to use on the Hulk. Meanwhile, David, Karen, and Jill are cleaning up the restaurant. Fred apparently resigned, leaving the three of them to keep up the restaurant. Jack McGee comes to the restaurant for an interview, and David stays in the back room, out of sight from Jack. David finds some photos that were thrown out, of him and Fred in the clean kitchen, before the garbage incident of the previous day. When Jack leaves, David tells the ladies that if they can find Joe's photos, they can prove that Joe's photos were fake by using the clock on the wall in the pictures. All they have to do, is break in to the National Register building.

Later, at night, Jill distracts Samuelson, the guard, while Karen and David sneak inside. Jill meets up with them, and they grab the photos. They learn to their dismay, however, that the photos are already in the paper, which is currently being printed in the printing press room of the building. The girls leave, and David sneaks down to the printing room to get the papers and leave. He shuts off all the presses and lights, and starts getting the papers. The security guards turn the power back on, however, and David's coat gets caught in the printing press. While trying in vain to free the end of his coat, David only succeeds in getting his arm caught in the press as well, which awakens the Hulk. The Hulk tears the press apart, and starts hurling parts of it all over the room. Jack is notified by security that the Hulk is in the building, and grabs his tranquilizer gun. Hulk is starting to leave when Jack comes down the stairs into the room, and fires a tranquilizer into Hulk from his gun. Hulk grabs the gun from Jack and destroys it, but not before making Jack shoot himself in the foot with it. Hulk then flees the room, and starts rampaging through the building. He finally finds a place where no one else is around, and turns back into David Banner.

David, still reeling from his transformation, isn't able to move fast enough before Jack McGee stumbles in to the room, with blurred vision. Jack sees David face-to-face, as does David, but Jack's vision is too blurred to make out David's face. The tranquilizer then takes its effect, and Jack falls to the floor, unconscious. Later, Jill and Karen are back in their restaurant, which had its name cleared from forged health violations. The girls are still a little disgruntled that David left without saying goodbye. Meanwhile, David treks down a country road, once again having to move on because of the Hulk.


  • David transforms into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.
  • David does not use a false name in this episode.
  • This is the first time since the pilot episode that Jack McGee and David come face-to-face.


  • An elephant tranquilizer proves ineffective against the Hulk.
  • The Hulk is able to push over 500 lb canisters.

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