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Synopsis for "Metamorphosis"

At a rock concert, young Lisa Swan preforms for a raving crowd, heavily made-up and in costume. As her band plays, she starts singing a heavy rock song that she wrote. After singing for a while, she runs off stage as the crowd begins jumping on stage wildly. Amid the chaos, a young girl, Diane Markon, is hurt in the stampede. While driving away from the concert that night, Lisa, and her sister and agent, Jackie, listen to the radio about the injuries that Diane sustained, and that she may never walk again. Jackie looks down for a moment, and the car careens over the side of the road and into a ditch. The Jackie gets out, but the car catches fire. David Banner, who happens to be walking by trying to hitchhike, sees the car and runs over. Together, he and Jackie pull Lisa from the car before it explodes. Jackie calls one of her employees to pick them up. The next morning, at the Swan residence, Lisa offers David a job as one of her roadies, to the dismay of Greg, on of her other employees. David agrees, but tells her that he may have to leave at any time. Later, David, Lisa, and a couple other roadies rehearse for the next concert. Lisa sings on of her slower, more emotional songs for David, but tells David that Jackie said that the crowds want harder music. While David and Lisa talk, Jack McGee tries to get in the building, but Jackie doesn't let him in.

Later, while David is working in the recording studio alone, Greg goes to Jackie and complains about David. She tells him that the only way they can let him go is if they catch him while he's either drunk or high. She says this, knowing that Greg is a junkie. Greg goes to David and offers him some of his drug. When David turns down the offer, Greg slips some into David's drink. David takes a drink, and starts to get woozy once the drug takes effect. His vision begins to blur, and he begins hallucinating. In his hallucination, he sees the Hulk coming towards him, growling ferociously. David looks down at his feet, and sees snakes coiled up all around him and coiled around his legs. The hallucination being too much, David gets overstressed and becomes the Hulk. Hulk, also affected by the drug, begins hallucinating too, and sees David everywhere. The sight of David enrages Hulk, and Hulk begins attacking the David hallucinations. Hulk sees Greg, who looks like David in Hulk's hallucination. Hulk grabs Greg and throws him across the room, where Greg crashes into some equipment. Jackie and Ken, another roadie, see Hulk through the glass from the other side of the studio, and are shocked. Hulk, beginning to recover from the drug, runs out of the room. Later, David meets with Lisa at her house and tells her that he's going to have to leave. She begs him to stay, and he finally agrees to stay, but he's going to leave after the next concert. Together, they go visit Diane Markon in the hospital. Lisa gives Diane a signed album, and after a tearful getting, David and Lisa depart. However, David doesn't know that Lisa plans to commit suicide on the electric posts on the back of the stage at the next concert.

The night of the next concert, everyone is getting prepared. Jack McGee comes backstage to interview Jackie and Lisa, but Jackie rebuffs Jack. Jack goes out, and waits for the concert to start. Lisa and her band go on stage, and begin the show. Lisa begins singing, and the crowd starts to go wild again. After singing for a while, Lisa begins moving towards the posts. She starts to reach upwards towards the electricity coursing between the two polls. As she slowly begins reaching, David notices from the crowd. He tries to get to her, but the crowd is too large and wild. As David tries to weave between the mob of people, they begin stampeding again, and David gets caught within it. Unable to take anymore, David turns into the Hulk. The Hulk rears his head amid the crowd, and the crowd fearfully parts, making a path to the stage. Th crowd goes along with it, believing that the Hulk is part of the show. The band members begin fleeing the stage, but one guitarist continues to play. Jack tries to get on stage, but security stops him. Hulk grabs Lisa, and pulls Lisa away from the posts. He then grabs one of the posts himself. Hulk gets electrocuted, but takes the jolt, and opens his hand. Electricity bursts from the palm of his hand, and shoots across the stage. After repeating this, Hulk rips the poll out of the ground, and throws it away. He destroys the other one as well, and turns and roars a the crowd. As Hulk runs off the stage, Lisa realizes that she just tried to kill herself, and that she has become a freak, not an actual musician. As she has this revelation, Hulk runs away from the building. Later, Lisa, Jackie, and David say their goodbyes. David leaves, having to move on because of the Hulk.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.
  • While drugged, Hulk shows how much he really hates Banner.


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