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At a house in New Orleans, LA, Antoine Moray, better known as the Voodoo priest, the Babalao, is giving a young girl counsel about a relationship she is in. After using his "magic" on her, she leaves. Moray then greets his partner in crime, Luke, who has just entered the house. They talk about the con they're pulling on the town, about how most of the residents believe in the "magic of the Babalao". Antoine knows that everyone will fall for it, but Luke is unsure. Meanwhile, in a small clinic in town, David Banner and Dr. Renee DuBois administer a shot to a young boy named Louie. Her mother, Selene, watches. David tries to keep the boy's spirits up by pulling a coin out of his ear. Once the procedure is completed, Selene and Luke leave. Luke accosts Selene, and tries to convince her that the Babalao's magic is the way to go. David interrupts, and gives Selene and Luke time to leave. An annoyed Louie also leaves. Later, Antoine tells Louie that they need to send a message. Later, David and Renee find an animal carcass hanging above their door. They also find a crowd of stone-faced onlookers. David, annoyed, takes down the carcass and throws it on the ground.

The next day, during a Mardi Gras festival, David and Renee walk among the festivities, talking and enjoying the floats and costumes. David leaves Renee for a moment to get some cotton candy, but Luke, who has donned a gorilla costume to blend in with all the other outlandish costumes, assaults David as two other henchmen kidnap Renee and carry her away. David tries to move past Louie, but Luke blocks his way. Luke then punches David, and throws him into the street where he is promptly run over by a wedding float. Luke runs alongside the float, kicking David in the face while he tries to stay alive under the float. David is finally obscured from Luke's view, and Luke assumes David has been crushed. However, not only was David not killed, but his transformation was also triggered. Suddenly, the Hulk crashes up through the top of the cake on the wedding float, scaring the fake bride and groom on top of it. Luke sees Hulk, and takes off running. Hulk, who has fixed his sights on Luke, breaks out of the cake, and leaps to the ground, pursuing Luke. As Hulk runs by, none of the bystanders really seem to care, because they think that the Hulk is just another person in a costume for Mardi Gras. Luke, finally cornered with nowhere else to run, frantically shimmies up to the top of a lamp post. The Hulk finally catches up, and looks up at the frightened Luke and growls. Hulk then pushes the lamp post over on a restaurant right behind it. As restaurant customers scatter, more people begin to notice the Hulk. One girl in a cowgirl costume approaches Hulk, and compliments him on his "costume". Now that he has completed his objective, Hulk becomes confused, and decides to leave. As the stunned onlookers watch, the Hulk flees, with no one following him.

Meanwhile, Luke, who survived his encounter with the Hulk, has returned to Antoine, who is holding Renee hostage. Antoine tells him that he's decided to make a statement to the townspeople by sacrificing Renee. Meanwhile, David, who has reverted back, has by this time realized that Renee was kidnapped. He changes into some new clothes, and goes to Selene's house. He knocks on the door, desperate to know if Selene or Luke know where Renee is. No one answers, and David leaves. However, he doesn't notice Louie watching him from the door window, who had been waiting for him to leave. David realizes that his hand has been forced, and he deduces that Renee could only been kidnapped by the infamous "Babalao". Meanwhile, that night at Antoine's home, Antoine prepares to sacrifice Renee in front of the gathered residents in the area. While several people beat on drums, and others do a ritual dance, Antoine administers a drug to Renee, which will keep her conscious, but it will immobilize her body, meaning she can do nothing but watch herself be stabbed to death with a sacrificial knife. Outside, David watches from the window, and sneaks in. He confronts Antoine in front of the audience, calling him out, and accusing him of fraud. David tells everyone that Antoine's magic is just a sham, but Antoine defends himself by saying to the people that the devil himself will be against them if they don't believe. David challenges Antoine to summon the spirits, and cast a spell on him right there. Antoine uses the small amount of lighting effects and sparklers at his disposal and creates a small light burst next to David, and David shows the crowd that he is unharmed. David asks the crowd why they should believe in the Babalao if he doesn't even believe in himself. Suddenly, the clock strikes midnight, and Antoine tells everyone that not even he can save Renee now, she is cursed because of David's "interference". Then, Luke and another henchman throw a blanked over David and drag him out of the room. Luke stays, but the other man drags David into the next room and closes the doors. As Antoine prepares to sacrifice Renee by goading Selene to do it, the man holds David down. Meanwhile, the stress of the situation causes David to turn into the Hulk under the blanket.

The Hulk rips out of the blanket in the man's arms, and he grabs the man by the shirt and knocks down the doors to the next room with his other hand, which destroys some of Antoine's light equipment. Hulk throws the man across the room, and the man flies into the curtains behind Antoine, tearing them down. Luke tries to hit Hulk with a bottle, but he blocks it and grabs him and throws him through one of the widows where he lands outside. Antoine grabs the star-shaped candlestick behind him to use as a weapon against the Hulk. Luke tries to climb through the broken window back inside, but Hulk growls at him and he runs away. Antoine charges Hulk and tries to impale him with the candlestick, but he dodges, grabs the stick and bends the stick backwards. He then picks up the stick, and flings Antoine off of the other end of it. Antoine flies across the room, and lands on a table with candles on it, knocking him unconscious. The candles fall, and catch the floor on fire. The Hulk then picks up Renee, and carries her out of the room. He turns before leaving, and pushes the sacrificial table across the room with his foot. It runs over some cables, causing some sparks to lie, and breaks through the far wall, and stops outside. The Hulk then leaves through the hole in the wall that the table created, as the stunned crowd looks on.

Later, with everyone safe and sound again, David and Renee say their goodbyes, and David skips town.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.


  • This episode is widely-considered by fans to be one of the worst episodes in the series.
  • This episode was among the top 10 worst episodes of the series in the Marvel Encyclopedia: The Incredible Hulk book.

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