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At a military base, Lt. Jerry Banks catches a ride home with another officer. They stop off at a dump, and dump some garbage from the base there. Among the odds and ends thrown into the junk yard is a yellow canister that appears to be leaking whatever is inside it. After finishing, the two men drive off.

Meanwhile, David Banner, under the name of "David Blair", is staying with the Banks family, a family of three living in a small residential area near the local military base. Jerry, the father, is a lieutenant at the base, and so that's why is family lives there. David is talking with Jerry's wife, Carrie, outside while they watch Patty, Carrie's daughter. The solider drives up and drops Jerry off. Everyone goes inside and has dinner. Later, that night, Jerry gets out of bed and walks into the hallway. He turns the lights on and off, and thinks the bulb is out. He goes down stairs, but runs into the couch and falls, smashing the window by accident on his way down. David, Carrie and Patty rush into the living room. Carrie cals the hospital, while Patty gets the first aid kit. Jerry explains to David that he couldn't see, and that he's blind.

Later, the next day at the base, Jerry has been seen by Major Anderson, who assures David and Carrie that the blindness is only temporary. David goes in to see Jerry, who tells him that he was blind before he fell. David says that he'll help in any way he can. David leaves the room, and Anderson informs him and Carrie that the soldier who drove Jerry hime drove off of a cliff and died. David deduces that he and Jerry must have been blinded together. Meanwhile, inside his office, Colonel Drake is told of what's going on, and one of the soldiers tells him that the chemical compound inside a canister that was dumped at the junk yard must not have been completely empty. After getting some information about the chemical compound in the yellow canister, David goes to the dump sight. He walks down the hill, in a gas mask, ad finds the canister. After recovering the canister, David makes his way back up the hill. However, one of Col. Drake's soldiers who is also trying to recover the canister appears in a HAZMAT suit, and knocks David over, sending David rolling back down the hill. David lands in the junk pile, but loses his gas mask. David gets up, and realizes that he's lying next to the leaking canister without his mask. David quickly puts his mask back on, but this gives the solider time. The soldier jumps inside the nearby crane, and turns it on. With the keys having been in the ignition, the solider picks up a pile of junk and debris with the crane, and drops it on David. Under the pile, David "Hulks-out". The Hulk bursts out of the pile, and notices the crane. The soldier tries to pick Hulk up with the crane, but Hulk grabs the crane claw, and breaks it off. Hulk flees, and the soldier recovers the canister and leaves as well. While running through the countryside, Hulk comes across a group of soldiers who are running an obstacle course. Hulk gets in the back of the line, and the two soldiers in the back see Hulk ad run back to the base. Hulk crashes through the wall that the soldiers are supposed to climb over, and the commander who was overseeing the course runs away too.

Later, the soldier reports back to Drake, and lets him know that he recovered the canister. He also tells Drake about the big, green monster at the dump. Drake doesn't believe him, tells him that he doesn't want this chemical incident to threaten his promotion.

Meanwhile, David is inside the base, and is alarmed when his vision begins to blur. Carrie comes in the room, but as she does, David's vision completely cuts out and goes black. David becomes more alarmed when he goes completely blind. Carrie and Major Anderson take David to Drake, where David tries to tell Drake that he thinks he can make an antidote. Drake won't listen to David, and has David put under lock and key. Carrie passes herself off as a doctor at the base, and gets passed security. She then puts David in a wheelchair and takes him out of the base. As she helps him get in her car, Drake hears of David's removal from the base, and tells them that he didn't authorize it. He sees Carrie and David getting into Carrie's car from his window, and sends soldiers after David. Carrie tells David to run, and David starts moving as quickly as he can while being blind. David moves through the hills, slowly trying to feel his way along. While wandering, David walks past a DANGER sign into a mine field. While walking, David trips several tripwires, and sets off several mines resulting in explosions all around him. David emerges from the explosions relatively unscathed, but gets angry because he is incapable of seeing, and is in danger. Drake and a group of soldiers roll in on a jeep, looking for David. The Hulk stands, now completely transformed from David, but is confused when his vision starts to blur, not knowing that David was exposed to the chemical compound. Hulk sees Drake and his men, and charge towards them, jumping onto their jeep. Hulk throws the soldiers off of it, and tosses Drake off after breaking his gun. He then turns to see a tank cruising towards him, moving fast. He turns on the tank, and roars at it. Inside the tank, the drivers start to fear for themselves. Hulk takes on the tank, rushing it. He stops it dead in its tracks, and starts pushing it. They turn the gun barrel on him, but he grabs it and bends it back. He then moves to the side of it and pushes it over into a ditch. As the soldiers recover, the Hulk runs away.

Later, with Drake incarcerated, and Maj. Anderson takes David's advice, and makes a successful antidote. With Jerry and David healed, David moves on.


  • David turns into Hulk 2 times in this episode.


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