Quote1 I saw that creature you turned into, David! Unbelievable! Quote2
-- Michael Sutton

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At an airport, David Banner sits and waits to leave on a plane flight. He befriends another man sitting by him, Michael Sutton, because they both share an interest in Chess. The man opens up his travel Chess set, and the two men begin playing game-after-game. Finally, it's announced over the intercom that the flight will be delayed until a later day. As dejected would-be passengers leave, Michael offers to take David to his private island where they could play more Chess and get better acquainted with each other. Later, after flying to the island, Michael and David sit down inside Michael's home for a nice quiet evening of dinner and Chess. However, after taking a drink of wine, David becomes drowsy, and his vision begins to blur. Suddenly, David falls unconscious.

When David comes around he is lying inside a grave, that hasn't been filled in. Next to him is a bag and a tape recorder. David plays the tape, and to his surprise, hear's Michael's voice. Michael tells him what is going on. Michael has set the situation up so that David cannot get off of the island, and will have to fight and survive, while Michael hunts him down. The tape says that Michael will be arriving soon. Suddenly, David hears the distant sound of a car, and runs off. Michael drives up to the empty grave, and yells out to David that David overslept. David continues running, and comes to a waterfall. He crosses the river, and begins climbing a rope ladder by a ledge overlooking the river and waterfall. Michael catches up, and begins firing warning shots with his crossbow. The arrows Michael fired miss David, but one does split one of the two ropes holding up the ladder. David does manage to cling to the ladder and continue upwards. However, Michael also finds a way up the ledge, and continues after David. While running, David runs over a brush trap, and falls into a small hole that was covered by leaves. Michael arrives, and sees that David has sprung his trap, and approaches the hole. While trying to get out, David gets stung by a small scorpion, and this triggers his transformation. After changing, the Hulk bursts out of the hole. Michael, stunned, tries to shoot Hulk, but Hulk uproots a tree, and topples it on Michael. Michael manages to avoid the tree, and retreats. Hulk runs away, and begins wandering through the forest. Just as he is beginning to revert back to his normal state, Hulk trips a tripwire, which causes a tree to fall on his back. He shrugs this off, but notices that a nest of baby birds had fallen out of the tree. This enrages Hulk, but he puts the birds back into the nest, and changes back to David Banner.

Returning to the house, David attempts to get inside and get some clothes since his were destroyed during his transformation. After getting in through one of the windows, David listens to another tape left inside the house by Michael. The tape tells him that inside the house, he will find clothing and weapons, however, he will have to survive several booby traps inside the house. After making it past those, and finding new clothes, the tape also warns David that if he isn't out of the house by the time Michael finishes counting, Michael will enter the house and kill him. While David tries to leave through one of the windows, Michael prepares in the next room to burst through the doors and end David. David survives the window booby trap, and escapes in time. The tape finishes counting and Michael comes in the room, and watches David run away through the window. As David runs, Michael calls after David that he saw the creature that David turned into. He yells at David to make the creature come back, but David keeps running. Michael gets angry at David for not becoming Hulk, and leaves the house to go after him.

After chasing David through the woods for a while, Michael finally corners David on a cliff overlooking a river. Michael wants David to transform, but David refuses. Michael wonders what makes the change happen, and figures it's pain. He takes out his bullwhip and whips David with it. After repeating this several times, he finally whips David and ties up David's legs in the whip. David is set off balance, and falls down, pulling Michael with him. David, having taken a hard fall, and having endured the pain of the whip, becomes angry. Michael also gets up, and looks over to see David turn into the Hulk. Hulk gets up, and picks up a boulder. Michael frantically tries to load his crossbow with one of his poison-tipped arrows, but accidentally cuts his leg with it. Realizing that he's just poisoned himself and sealed his own fate, Michael looks up at the Hulk, who is getting ready to crush Michael with the boulder. However, Hulk decides against killing Michael, and throws the boulder away. The poison in Michael's system finally takes effect, and Michael's unconscious body goes limp, and falls off of the cliff and into the water below. Hulk jumps off of the ledge as well, and lands in the water too. Hulk emerges from the river, carrying Michael's lifeless body. Later, after returning to normal, David buries Michael in the same grave that he woke up in just hours earlier. After filling in the grave, David goes to Michael's dock and gets inside his boat. There is one last tape recorder there, and David gets into the boat and puts the recorder on the dock. David plays the recorder, and begins rowing downstream. The tape is one Michael made, telling David that if he's listening to this, then he's won their little game. As David rows away, the tape blows up on the dock.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.


  • This episode is most likely inspired by the famous short story, The Most Dangerous Game.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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